Indonesia – A Proposed Ban on Dog Meat

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More exciting news regarding the end of the dog meat trade in Indonesia. Four years ago we started an education campaign with the brave activist group Animal Friends Manado taking to the streets to protest the dog meat trade. Our friends in Bali also asked US to join them in undercover investigations to expose dog meat restaurants serving dog as chicken.Last year Animals Australia joined the fight getting the Governor of Bali to ban the trade. Now we have more news.

Other groups have pushed for change throughout Indonesia and this weekend Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture, officials confirmed their intention to support a ban on the trade in dog meat and to deny veterinary certification for dog meat.
Leading veterinary public officials, including Dr. Syamsul Ma’arif, Dr. Hastho Yuliadi, Dr. Yadi Cahyadi, and Dr. Wiwiek Bagj, declared that the dog meat trade is a serious public health threat, a significant animal welfare issue, and a substantial problem for Indonesia’s growing tourism industry.

We work closely with the OIE and know they share our view that the public health threat associated with the dog meat trade is a priority.

Our grassroots campaign and alliance continues in South East Asia and China to push this message forward.

And, with our new status as special consultant to the United Nations we will continue to push from the top down.

Ending this trade is a collaborative effort on all fronts and we congratulate everyone who has joined to end this cruelty.

Please sign our pledge to declare dog and cat meat unfit for human consumption

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Fundraising for NoToDogMeat

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A number of ways you can fundraise for our charity…

Our fundraisers have gone out on street collections, driven a car in a rally and got sponsored by their friends, held a Zumba class for charity. Run marathons for charity, done sponsored dog walks, made cushions to sell…… You don’t have to run a marathon to help us, it could be anything as simple as a sponsored dog walk with neighbourhood friends! No action is too small! If you can fundraise for us on a one-off event, we can send you a free T-shirt and some leaflets please email us at thank you and bless your heart for caring.

Our Rescued Dogs are SAFE

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#NoToDogMeat #GoodNews
We have wonderful news to share. Despite the fact, the Beijing Government issued a demolition order on our China shelter run by the hero Mr Zhao we have found a new location 80 miles away and managed to move nearly all the dogs and cats there. Even though we still urgently need funds to finish the building of the place, the basics are there and we can provide a safe haven to #Yulin and #DogMeatTrade survivors. People thought that would be the end for us but we have all been working so hard to make sure this did not happen. We could not do this without your support. Please keep donating whatever you can and sharing.

Or you can donate to our shelter building fund.

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Help us End the Brutality and Sign Our Pledge

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Dogs and Cats brutally slaughtered for food in Asia and beyond are often stolen pets/sick strays or raised on dirty farms. They pumped full of high levels of antibiotics harmful to human health and can carry diseases such as rabies,avian flu and brucellosis.

Please sign our pledge to urge the World Health Organisation to declare them unfit for human consumption and United Nations to classify all dogs and cats as companion animals not food.




Urgent Appeal – Yulin Rescues

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#noToDogMeat #YulinRescue #ChineseActivists

We have been working with the wonderful Mr Z who has been rescuing from Yulin for many years. He has over 300 dogs in his shelter including many Yulin survivors .Sadly he could not travel the 3000 miles to Yulin this year as the Beijing Government have forced him to move, but he is going to help his activist friends with their rescue dogs.

He has generously promised his friends that he will take in survivors from this year.

Please help Mr Zhao and his rescuer friends this year if you are able – thank you and dog bless. Please share this post – thank you ❤

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Marylebone Summer Fayre June 2018

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For the last few weeks our team and incredible volunteers have been out on the streets raising awareness against Yulin and the dog meat trade. We know first hand how our uphill our battle is.  Our own shelter has received a closure notice and we are being forced to move our Yulin survivors.

Yesterday we were out in force at Marylebone Summer Fayre and took over the place with our dogs, volunteers and animal angels like Annie.  She is pictured with Anastasia who has been our campaign dog since 2011 and even though this darling has an aggressive cancer she was so happy to be with her fur buddies barking out.  Please join us on other events and help get our message to the press.   We can’t do this without you.


Notodogmeat Urgent Appeal

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After two and half years of hard work, building our Chinese partner shelter from scratch, we have just received the devastating news that a 30 day demolition order has been issued by the Government.Some 400 dogs and cats cared for the by hero Mr Zhao are now in grave danger. The Beijing Government wants to ‘clean up’ the region, and no dogs are safe anymore.

We have put together an urgent plan of action and are appealing for the kind assistance of donors, to help put this into place. A new safe space has been located 90 miles away in the next province.

We are appealing for donations to assist with:

Deposit and advance rent for the new shelter
Workers to help the Construction
Connection of Electric and Water supplies
Basic shelters and sheds – the site is derelict
Basic food supplies
Transport of 400 dogs and cats in trucks
Livestock transport licences

Our form is simple and quick, and allows you to make a single donation of your choice

Mr Zhao and the other activists are extremely anxious as are we about the safety of the dogs and cats during the transport. There is a real danger that unscrupulous dog meat traders will find out about the mass evacuation and then intercept the trucks, using force and violence, as well as enlist corrupt police officers to seize the dogs. The meat traders have a lot to gain by selling 400 dogs into the meat trade especially as the move will be before Yulin. Our small team will travel over and help as much as we can and anyone with skills in building, animal welfare, veterinary who can volunteer please come forward.

We are appealing to animal lovers and the international community to help us ease Mr Zhao’s burdens with a donation towards this fraught and dangerous relocation mission.

If you are not set up to donate electronically, cheques can also be sent to World Protection For Dogs and Cats In The Meat Trade, 17 Cavendish Square, London, England W1G 0PH or to our USA address we can supply. Or you can phone us with your card + 44 207 873 2250

Thank you so much and bless your hearts for caring 
Our UK bank account is HSBC – World Protection For Dogs and Cats In The Meat Trade sort code 40 04 25 account 01506145

If you can please donate.If you are unable to please share this post. Getting media attention would really help the plight not just of Mr Zhao but so many small shelters facing a similar situation.