World Rabies Day 2020

We are proud to announce on World Rabies Day every single one of our rescues in our China shelter and partner bases has been given their rabies jab. In total, we have vaccinated over 500 of our rescue dogs and a further 300 in local villages. We plan another 200 in our Thursday outreach programme.

 This work is no mean feat as every vaccination costs us £2, we have a large shelter and many timid pups. We also still do not have a working transport vehicle. On top of that, we have vaccinated all our rescues against distemper. Volunteers came to our base to help Mr Zhao, and so did the two young vets who now come to help us each week.

Just take a look at the faces of our lovely Yulin 2020 rescues. See how far they have come.

Our mission started seven years ago.

To end the Dog and Cat Meat trade. 

We campaign on two fronts: Top-Down (in 2018 the United Nations granted us Special Consultative Status) and at grassroots with local activists and running shelters which can reach young people open to change.

Our work to push high-level politicians and influencers to assist us has not been easy, and they, for the most part, turned a blind eye to helping dogs and cats. But slowly through determination and a handful of devoted volunteers, we have succeeded to get the UN Food and Agriculture to join the conversation. They have recognised our work, and this year actively push global rabies vaccination of dogs finally realising so many diseases can jump from animals to humans.

You can continue to help us by joining our letter-writing campaigns and where possible, our events offline.

Your donations have made a massive difference to so many animals, and we are grateful.

To continue to fund our work, please consider setting up a regular donation. Just £2 will save a life. Thank you #PawsUpActivists

Spread the word with our car/ window stickers

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