Adoption FAQs

Many of you have enquired about adopting one of our dogs and cats. Here are some answers to your questions.


Be careful, responding to posts on SOCIAL MEDIA. Many of the dogs you see are not real dog meat trade rescues. They are bought from breeding farms or even pet shops to supply demand. Unless the shelter is properly registered and charity officials have visited more than once. All funds sent to China must be sent by international banking, not Paypal or other means. That is the law to comply with money laundering regulations. Please do not facilitate these dog brokers. Boarding dogs are a big business in China. Sourcing mainly breeds for foreigners is big business.

Bringing a dog overseas when you buy is not rescue. It is shopping. You would do more good for the animals adopting from your home country.

All our dogs and cats are real rescues, and many have been with us for years.

We keep costs as low as we can, but there are some additional challenges with Brexit and the pandemic.

Where do the dogs and cats we have for adoption come from?

All our dogs and cats come from our shelters in China which are run by Mr Zhao in Hebei and Anna in Beijing. Most of the dogs come from the Yulin dog meat festival in China, from trucks stopped by activists on the highway. They also come from slaughterhouses and breeding farms (some thankfully now closed), from factories where staff are boiling dogs and cats alive, from amusement arcades where cats are used as toys, and from around rubbish tips.

Are they healthy and friendly?

All dogs and cats offered for adoption have passed health checks and are vaccinated. If they have any particular issues, we will let you know. Please bear in mind that many have faced a period of hunger, cold, fear and physical injury which may affect their behaviour. Some are still scared of humans but the ones we offer for adoption are friendly and live with other dogs and cats around. About a third of them are pedigree, and the rest are mixed breeds. We have photos and videos on our website of some of the dogs and cats that are ready to be adopted so please take a look.

How much does everything cost and who pays for this?

Costs vary according to where they must travel to.Brexit and the pandemic has made bringing rescues to UK more expensive and problematic but despite this we will do our best to get our rescues to safety. Adoption to the EU and Canada is easier. USA still has restrictions.

It costs approx. 1300 euros to bring a dog or cat to Europe,  and $1500 to bring a dog to the USA and Canada. £1300 to UK. These costs include :

1. Vaccinations (US and Europe ) £30 Rabies test ( UK Europe only) £250

2. Spay/neuter £120

3. Flight costs with volunteer £500 ( cargo costs £2000 direct to Heathrow) and travel costs to airports/ health checks in China.

4. Beijing obligatory health check and blood tests  £180

5. Onward travel on arrival (for example France to the UK) upwards from £300 We therefore recommend you meeting your new pet at the airport.

We know these costs are high so we can accept a fee of £700 and help you fundraise for the rest. Please note we have to raise the entire amount before your adoptive pet can fly and we rely on finding flight volunteers to make this happen.

How long does it take?

The process from choosing your pet to their arrival with you takes from two months (minimum for the USA/ Canada) to four-six months (maximum for Europe). Please note that with Covid-19 restrictions, this may take longer. We are careful to comply with all regulations at home and abroad, so you know your pet will have their passport, be fully vaccinated and be fit to travel. We only use direct flight routes with safe airlines. We also rely on flight volunteers unless you have chosen the cargo option for your pet.

Is there anything else we need to know?

It will usually be your responsibility to pick up your pet from the airport. You will need to be patient, understanding and loving while your pet settles after a long journey and gets used to being in a different environment. We can advise on training needs including housetraining if necessary and will be glad to stay in touch and hear how things are going.

If for any reason things don’t work out?

You will need to sign a legally binding contract with us to confirm that in the event of you not being able to keep your pet for any reason you will contact us so we can find another suitable home for your pet. This contract will not allow you to rehome or sell your pet yourself. This is standard practice with UK and US rescues.

Please call or email us with any further questions

The most important thing you need to know is you are offering a wonderful new life to an animal that has survived the dog and cat meat trade. Whilst you are waiting and preparing for your new arrival you will receive updates and will get to know them.

Our dogs and cats usually adapt well because they have come from a shelter where they are loved and cared for, and properly assessed. Shelter life is not however ideal and your new pet will soon realise how lucky and happy they are to have a new home where they will feel safe, loved and cherished for the rest of their lives.

NoToDogMeat is a UK registered charity no. 1154524 and USA 501 (c) 3 EIN 47-4434366


Dogs Available for Adoption

For more information please email

If you think you can provide a loving home for any of our rescued dogs and cats from China please contact us letting us know which of our dogs would be suitable on the form below and we will explain the adoption process.

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