CAMBODIA: NoToDogMeat rescuers save puppy from becoming sour soup

In this latest dispatch from Cambodia, NoToDogMeat organiser Tet Lin, explains about the rescue of one gorgeous dog, whose name reclaims a Cambodian tradition back from the horrors of the dog meat trade…

Tet Lin with the rescued puppy – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

What exactly is Cambodian sour soup?

Cambodian sour soup, also known as Khmer sour soup, is a popular meal found throughout Cambodia.

Traditionally, it is cooked using fish, although it can also be prepared with any meat, which unfortunately can include dog.

Aside from the aforementioned ingredients, the main base of the soup is the veggies, specifically shallots, lime leaves, and ginger. These ingredients give the soup its distinct, tangy, and aromatic flavor.

Cambodia soup soup – file image

The soup is typically served with steamed rice, making it a hearty and satisfying meal.

This is the story of Sour Soup, a rescued female puppy….

One day, when my friend and I were out catching stray dogs for the weekly spay and neuter routine, I received a call on my messenger from a local crying on the phone, pleading with NoToDogMeat to rescue her puppy.

Her drunken uncle and his friend were planning to slaughter her pet in order to cook a Khmer tradition sour soup.

She said she could hide the puppy for several hours and begged me to take the puppy away from the island.

Her home was located on an island on the other side of the Phnom Phnem River, so we dropped everything we were doing in order to save the puppy.

Tet Lin caring for the puppy – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

To get there we had to drive about an hour by tuk-tuk, then about 45 minutes by ferry, then another one-hour tuk-tuk trip on the island, and finally reach the place, where she had hidden the puppy.

As I arrived, I could see the fear in her eyes and the desperation to save her beloved puppy from such a cruel fate.

Without wasting any time, I gently took Sour Soup into my arms, promising to find her a safe and loving home far away from harm’s reach.

The puppy was approximately four months old. How could someone plan to kill the niece’s pet in order to make sour soup?

I can’t wrap my head around it. It was heartbreaking to think that someone would go to such lengths just for a dish. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person could be so callous and lacking in empathy.

It was clear that Sour Soup deserved a better life, one filled with love and care, and I was determined to make sure she got it. I couldn’t bear the thought of Sour Soup’s life being cut short, so NoToDogMeat stepped in and provide a safe and loving home for her.

Seeing her playful and happy now brings us immense joy, knowing that she escaped such a cruel fate. It serves as a reminder that every living creature deserves compassion and kindness, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to others.

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