10366103_503555063082543_2082732599065909647_nTo Donate please click Here.

NoToDogMeat is run by volunteers and needs your support.

We are a fledgling growing movement with a huge mission.
All enquiries please email donate@notodogmeat.com.

Use EASYSEARCH regularly to help raise funds.


HSBC Sort Code: 40-04-25 Account 01506145

Cheques can be sent to the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in The Meat Trade, registered office :17 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PH.

We welcome applications for funding from small shelters and ideas on how to move our campaign forward. If anyone wishes to obtain a street license to fundraise please contact us.

Our accounts are examined externally on an annual basis and will be available for public view at that time.

All enquires please email fundraise@notodogmeat.com

To Donate Please Click Here

3 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Why can’t this movement not go to china and the other southeast asian countries lije korea, vietnamese, thailand, cambodia, laos, bali, etc and RESCUE as many dogs and cats? Do these people will never be able to do anything anymore in these evil businesses.


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