NoToDogMeat #Buy-A-Bag and Feed Rescued Dogs and Cats in China

If you follow the NoToDogMeat Facebook page you will know that we have been sending food to those who have been rescuing dogs and cats  from the dog meat trucks in China. We now introduce our scheme whereby you can donate to send bags of food by buying one (or more!) of our new Buy-a-Bag Tote bags. There are many rescuers throughout China – we have helped shelters from Tianjin to Beijing to Mongolia! Every NoToDogMeat bag purchase will pay for a 15 kilo bag of food which we will send to the dog rescuers of China.

The NoToDogMeat Buy-a-Bag is made out of strong and sturdy unbleached canvas. The pictures here show the two sides of the same bag – all bags are the same unbleached natural colour. (Photo in middle is for illustration purposes). The bag measures 40cm x 38cm x 12cm (height x width x depth) and the straps are 58cm.


If you live in the UK the bag including postage is £25 and if you live in the US the bag including shipping is $45. To place an order please click HERE.

If you would prefer to just donate for food and not receive the tote bags so that the full amount goes towards food, just let us know in your email.

With many thanks to all who continue to donate and help save dogs and cats from the meat trade.

Here are some of the dogs rescued from the meat trucks we have helped with food and medical supplies :

Here are some of the Thank You videos sent in by those who have received food and medical supplies so far.


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  1. God bless you folks for all that you do for our beloved animal friends!!….Never ever give up on them, we are their voices where they have none and their saviors!!….

    I pray for them that will all be saved, it breaks my heart every time I think about what they have to go through it kills me inside that I can’t save them myself each and every one of them, please God hear our prayers and save these beautiful creatures from these evil heartless monsters who do this to our beautiful animal friends!!!!!…….

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work, it breaks my heart to see these poor animals that go through torture please save everyone of them and hope karma do the same to these evil monsters to torture these innocent animals

  3. May 2016 take us further to ending this barbaric practice!

  4. Please…please…never give up!!!! We are their ONLY chance. Please save as many as possible.
    They have no voice, only ours. Thank you with my whole heart for all you do. God bless you and the dogs

  5. Thank you so much for your help! Please continue all that you do.

  6. Hi all I hope you read this message. We will fight to help you stop this evil every step of the way x


  1. Camille – The Story of One Dog Rescued From The Meat Trade – NoToDogMeat / NoToCatMeat

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