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  • Join Us at DogFest Knebworth 10-11 September - Thank you Sticker Mule for Helping the Dogs
  • Abandoning Rescues - Recent world events have dominated the news, and we have all been devastated seeing the struggle of animal rescues trying to get dogs safely out of Afghanistan. We know how hard it has been for groups like Nowzad, Kabul Small Animal and many more. We share their sadness to know that many poor victims who […]
  • NoToDogMeat Raid a Slaughterhouse and Close It Down - 126 Dogs Saved from Slaughter Victory
  • 386 Dogs Saved from Yulin 2022 in Dramatic Truck Rescue 618 - Over the weekend, before the first day of Yulin on Tuesday 21st June, our small team of volunteers working with the incredible Chinese activists tracked and traced the trucks carrying the dogs to Yulin on the 2400 km stretch of road on the highway from Beijing. Around 6 pm, just as they were losing hope, […]
  • Call To Action London -
  • End Yulin Forever Tweetstorm - TONIGHTS TWEET STORM ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK THE LINK AT THE ALLOTTED TIME June 20th 2022 Tweet Sheet Just click the buttons below and tweet. Making your own tweets? Just add #NoToDogMeat to help spread the word. TWEET #1: 👉Click to Tweet🐦 TWEET #2: 👉Click to Tweet🐦 TWEET #3: 👉Click to Tweet🐦 […]
  • The Truth About the Dog Meat Trade - Yulin is an ancient city in China known for holding an annual dog meat festival from 21st to 30th June, purportedly to celebrate the summer solstice, where an estimated 10,000 dogs and cats are killed and eaten each year. Far from being ancient or traditional, this festival, known worldwide as ‘Yulin’, was created recently in […]
  • Our Beijing Shelter - At the start of 2020, when the pandemic broke out, our charity opened a small ‘ secret’ shelter in the heart of Beijing. The country had gone into lockdown, and we knew it would be impossible to transport any dog, and cat meat rescues to our large shelter in Hebei. At that time, people were […]
  • Can You Help Francis in Cambodia? - On Easter Sunday last week our Notodogmeat activist Tet Lin came across an abandoned development of half-built condos near his home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He started to catch dogs and take them to the local vets. One of the dogs – Francis – has been suffering alone from acute distemper and lung infection. The […]
  • BREAKING Coastal Resort HOI AN CITY VIETNAM pledges to improve animal welfare and end the dog and cat meat trade. - BREAKING Coastal Resort HOI AN CITY VIETNAM pledges to improve animal welfare and end the dog and cat meat trade.   Yesterday  Vietnam officials took the bold step in HOI An City of signing a memorandum  of understanding committing to eradicate rabies and  formally recognised this could not be done without banning the dog and […]
  • International Virtual London Marathon 2021 #Run4TheDogs NoToDogMeat Media Board - Really proud of our team of animal advocates who ran this year’s Virtual London Marathon in four Continents. Not only did we all complete the race but our fundraising total is rising. Please keep donating to help us reach our target of £5000 Our plan is to build our partner shelter and education centre in Cambodia […]

World Protection For Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade is the legal name for the NoToDogMeat campaign.

More details on this registered charity 1154524.