INVESTIGATION: Inside the sadistic world of the gruesome cat torture craze, campaigners call on Chinese authorities to act NOW


Campaigners are calling for the Chinese government to act now following a sickening investigation into a horrific feline torture trend in which internet users pick from sickening menus to watch inhuman abuse of cats.

China Cats Protection, together with the NoToDogMeat charity have been tracking the activities of the Jacklatio group, and a man known as ‘Wang Chao Yi’ or ‘Cat Addiction Therapist’, who are at the forefront of the sick craze.

An image obtained during the investigation, showing a torturer holding a terrified cat – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

Campaigners uncovered a sick network which is presented as sites advertising lost and found cats, but the links lead to a dark web of sinister torture, which include kittens being filmed having their limbs severed and cats being stabbed in the eyes.

In one deeply distressing video seen by campaigners, a pregnant cat is sliced open and her kittens are pulled out and killed in front of the desperate animal. 

And in another brutal twist, female campaigners who have confronted the torturers have been told to send sexual images, in exchange for the cats not to be killed.

Julia de Cadenet, who founded the NoToDogMeat charity and has been part of the investigation, said: “Our brave activist friends have managed to infiltrate the Telegram chat groups where orders are taken and monies exchanged to torture the animals.

A shocking image showing a cat being tortured on a barbecue – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

“Every time they are challenged, then activists are blackmailed.”

A spokeswoman for China Cats Protection, whose identity we are protecting for her safety, said: “Based on our estimates, we believe there are at least 2,000 animal abusers within Wang Chao-Yi’s syndicate.

“We understand the syndicate is further broken into around 20 sub-groups.

“One of the most gruesome videos they made was where they forced a live kitten into a blender. When the blender broke down, Wang Chao-Yi, along with Zhong Jia-Qing, put the feline into the microwave.

“These individuals have been committing these acts for up to a decade, torturing over 10,000 cats to death over the period.”

Investigators say that China’s feline torturing syndicates are large and rampant. The majority of the members are adolescent and young men, however there is also a handful of women involved.

A sickening image of a kitten, obtained as part of the investigation – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

A number of cat-torturing groups have surfaced in the past decade, a prominent one led by a man known as “Shu Ke”.

The spokeswoman added: This shady industry chain is also stubbornly resilient.

“The Cat Addiction Therapist has been recruiting a number of underaged boys to join his syndicate. The majority of this syndicate’s members are male with very few female members.”

And with the success of such groups gathering followers from as far afield as Holland and the United States, others are using the model to start their own torture video business.

One disturbing development was uncovered only this week, a 16 year-old girl was found to have been creating images of cat cruelty, after dropping out of school to pursue the sickening money making scheme.

NoToDogMeat founder Julia de Cadenet (pictured during an animal rescue) says that she is prepared to confront the torturers – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

Julia said: “The incidents of underage cat abuse occur one after another, and come from the seeds planted by people like the Addiction Therapist Group.

“These sinister groups have deeply poisoned the hearts of young people. And if not stopped in a timely manner, more young people will follow suit and join evil organisations, causing more innocent lives to die tragically, posing a threat to the entire society.”

Campaigners say that they are deeply disappointed with the response of the Chinese authorities, who they say have done little or nothing to combat the growing tide of abuse videos among young people.

Julia added: “Animal cruelty to cats is not new for us. We frequently see the poor creatures at the markets and recently rescued a litter of kittens from a garbage dump that had been buried alive, but this level of torture is strategic, planned and sinister.Its network of abusers and participants spanning from China, to Japan to Holland and the USA, under the shield of pretending to be animal saviours is akin to human trafficking rings.

“Black market money changes hands and horrific threats are made to brave Chinese female activists who are trying to speak out.

“They are left in deep depression feeling powerless because of lack of action from the authorities.

“I believe these men could go on to commit crimes against women and children. Our charity in consultative status with the UN stands in solidarity with China Cats Protection and personally I am ready to confront the abusers and help bring an end to this horror.”

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