Cachito is home! Joy at latest arrival from China who is headed for happy life in France

An adorable pup named Cachito who was rescued from a ‘truck from hell’ headed for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival has been brought to his forever home in France.

The black and white dog, who has overcome sickness and trauma by receiving care at the NoToDogMeat shelter in Hebei, is now looking forward to a happy life with owner Dominique L’Homme et Son Chien.

Cachito is the third NoToDogMeat rescue dog to arrive from China since the pandemic – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

Cachito is the third pup to travel from China this year, with the first two Debbie and Delphi arriving in June, after pandemic travel restrictions were lifted.

After his arrival Cachito will enjoy a period of rest and recuperation from his long journey, and will be checked by a vet and receive his European passport.

Despite his ordeal at the hands of cruel meat trade butchers, three year-old Cachito has recovered well, and was given a clean bill of health by Chinese authorities to make the trip to his new life abroad.

Because of his size and black colour, it would have been very hard to rehome the dog in China, which makes his arrival all the more special for the charity.

Cachito pictured shortly after rescue last year, from a truck headed to Yulin Dog Meat Festival – copyright NoToDogMeat – email of you would like to use this image

NoToDogMeat founder Julia de Cadenet, who met Cachito at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport on Monday evening, said: “Getting the dogs to the stage where they are well enough to travel is a hard and emotional process, and we are so proud of the resilience and bravery that Cachito has shown.

“The situation in Cachito’s case was made all the worse by a flood which struck our Hebei shelter in August, and we hope that in the coming months more dogs will be able to travel.”

At the airport on Monday Julia was joined by NoToDogMeat rescue Felicity, who has been through the same journey, and now looks every inch the pampered samoyed. Felicity is an ambassador for the charity, and has even walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, to raise awareness of the cause.

Mr Zhao saying goodbye to Cachito at the airport – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

Julia added: “These dogs are so resilient but they never forget, when Felicity comes to the airport she is offering her wholehearted support to the new arrivals. Showing them that life is going to get so much better.”

The NoToDogMeat charity currently cares for 750 rescue dogs at shelters in Hebei and Beijing, and now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted the gates are now open to bring more of them to Europe.

To find out more about the NoToDogMeat rehoming programme go to

Julia and Felicity at the airport awaiting Cachito’s arrival – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

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