Incredible Breaking News From China

Landmark Decision means dogs will no longer be considered livestock anywhere in China.


China has just published its recent National Catalogue of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources and dogs have not been included on the list!

This means the Ministry of Agriculture and rural affairs has decided that it is no longer appropriate for dogs to be considered livestock.

They have even included a specific note to say:

“With progress in human civilisation and the attention and preferences of the public with regard to the protection of animals, dogs have from traditional domestic animals become ‘specialised’ as companion animals.”

They also added

” Internationally, they are generally not regarded as livestock, and it would be inappropriate for China to list them as livestock.”

This is not just a cursory reference but an actual amendment to the catalogue.

As many of you know on May 1st, laws came into effect banning eating dogs and cats in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, two cities in the South of China, Up in the North in Dongbei province, a major city where there are many slaughterhouses  also voted to end this cruel practice.

We have all been concerned whether Yulin Dog Meat Festival will take place next month and this decision adds to the pressure.

We need to stress that this law is not a complete ban on anyone eating cats and dogs, but it bans the sale of live dogs and dog meat for food. All the dog restaurants, markets and slaughterhouses countrywide selling dogs for food are now illegal. The Chinese Government is sending a clear message to say they do not endorse this practice.

Good news for cat lovers as the protection also will be for cats.

They have never even been mentioned in the Livestock Catalogue. It just goes to show our decade of campaigning works has not been for nothing and attitudes are changing.

Our work will still focus on making sure this illegal dog meat trade ends forever in China and pushing other Asian Governments to follow suit.

In our shelter with over 450 dogs and cats, we can also focus on our education programmes on responsible pet management.

We still urge you to sign our petition against Yulin  to keep up the pressure.

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  1. wow!!! for real??

  2. This is a very important step in the right direction
    I’m thankful that the Chinese Government is adjusting there policy to a humane action for dogs and cats. This is a huge step for them
    Thank you for all your hard work in rescue and heroic mission in ending the cruelty to dogs and cats .
    Best regards
    Stacy Patrick

  3. Let’s hope this is carried out forever.

  4. At last this cruelty to dogs cats etc will stop it as been a long time fighting this awful treatment of animals at last hopefully it will completely stop.

  5. I hope they vigorously enforce this law. It is the best of news.

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