Every year millions of dogs and cats in Asia are brutally slaughtered for food and fur.  Our charity mission is to change that through campaigning, education and rescue. Your donation will help us achieve this. #CrueltyIsNotCool.  Let’s end it.

NoToDogMeat was founded by Julia de Cadenet, a dual-qualified lawyer, who first witnessed the horrors of the live meat markets in China in 2009. After lobbying for the rights of dogs in South Korea, where one dog is slaughtered every 13 seconds and torture is commonplace, she committed herself to mobilise others by raising awareness and to bring about change by starting the NoToDogMeat global campaign.

This campaign began on social media in April 2013, by a like-minded group from the fields of law, veterinary science, journalism and animal rescue – all motivated by their love of ‘man’s best friend’. People around the world responded immediately and on May 18th 2013 NoToDogMeat held public protests for the first ‘World Awareness Day’ against the dog and cat meat trade in over 36 towns and cities.

The charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, the first charity of its kind in the United Kingdom was legally formed on May 24th 2013 and was placed on the UK Charity Commission register in November. We aim to promote enforcement of the ‘Universal Five Freedoms of the Sentient Being’ for the dogs and cats as defined in Article 7 of the OIE Terrestrial Code.

In China close to 10 million dogs are skinned alive, their fur then sold for cheap clothing. Frequently, this barbaric cruelty takes place in front of children. Dog meat festivals such as in Yulin are commonplace and there is no regard given to health or sanitation. Koreans believe the more the animal suffers the better the meat tastes. This means dogs are beaten and blowtorched alive and cats are boiled to make soup and elixirs. Imagine a kitchen full of pressure cookers where cats are plunged into hot water alive. This happens in a sophisticated country – the home of brands like Samsung, LEG and Hyundai. In Thailand pets are stolen or bought for a plastic bucket and then sold, trafficked into Vietnam for nearly $250 each where they await the most unspeakable torture. And, in Indonesia dogs are burnt alive in open markets just minutes from tourist attractions. This epidemic of cruelty which extends throughout Asia and beyond has no place in the new millennium. NoToDogMeat respects cultural differences but does not agree with the systematic torture dogs and cats and the cultural practice of deliberately making an animal suffer. This is not farming but is an illegal, unregulated industry, run by criminal gangs and fuelled by greed.

In May 2013, NoToDogMeat took a short film on the dog meat trade to the Cannes Film Festival (Marche du Film) using footage of cruelty gathered by long-term activist Kyenan Kum from IAKA. It was the first time ever the dog and cat meat trade had been exposed on such an international platform. Since then more videos have been made to show the horrors that dogs and cats are subjected to and was on mainstream media in October 2014 when Channel 4 broadcast their Unreported World documentary Vietnam’s Dog Snatchers.

NoToDogMeat now has thousands of active supporters around the globe. Each and every one is invited to play a part in changing history, share skills and contribute to making a difference. No action is too small!

NoToDogMeat encourages active campaigning from all members and supporters. We pay tribute to the work of other groups – yet after 30 years campaigning with little effect we believe it is time to change approach. Being part of a global movement means every chapter can act autonomously in its events organising and campaigning activities, supported by our London team of volunteers and can access to regularly updated free material available for download from this site. All donations go directly to the registered charity and are carefully spent, with only a small portion spent on running costs.

If you would like know more about to NoToDogMeat or join us, please send us an email via the contact form or call us on + 44 207 935 0321. You can also reach us on Skype: NoToDogMeat. Petition sheets, donation cheques and correspondence can be sent to our registered address: NoToDogMeat. 19 Crawford Street London W1H 1PJ

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