UNDERCOVER: NoToDogMeat uncovers rural dog traders loading trucks for slaughterhouses

NoToDogMeat surveillance work has uncovered proof of dog dealers meeting and trading in terrified animals in a remote countryside location.

This week undercover work in the deep countryside in China’s Hebei province, resulted in upsetting footage of dogs being brutally dragged, beaten and loaded into trucks ready to be transported to slaughterhouses.

A dog at the market where meat traders are loading up trucks – copyright NoToDogMeat – email hayley@animalnewsagency.com to use this image

Shockingly children can be seen witnessing the grim scene, and campaigners say that they saw youngsters engaging in the brutality alongside adults.

NoToDogMeat is urgently appealing for more funds to help bank roll this important surveillance work, which will be fed back to the United Nations as part of the charity’s Special Consultative Status.

Funding is also needed for more vehicles, to help shelter volunteers and campaigners rescue more dogs from this grim fate.

Men tower over a cage full of puppies at the grisly market – copyright NoToDogMeat – email hayley@animalnewsagency.com to use this image

Julia de Cadenet, founder of the NoToDogMeat charity, said: “NoToDogMeat is no stranger to going undercover, and this latest footage hammers home the fact that this trade is still going strong, despite damage caused by flooding in Hebei.

“These people know what they are doing is wrong, because they meet and trade in covert countryside locations.

“On this day NoToDogMeat was able to follow the trucks for some distance before they realised they were being tailed, but our footage will be reported at the highest level.

A dog stands precariously in a cage – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email hayley@animalnewsagency.com

“Please donate to help us help dogs, and gather more information like this, because this is how we stop this brutal trade.”

The Hebei province was recently the victim of severe flooding, with many structures including the NoToDogMeat damaged or destroyed by water, which was diverted away from Beijing by the Chinese authorities.

Tiny puppies at the gruesome market – copyright NoToDogMeat – email hayley@animalnewsagency.com to use this image

Julia added: “We are very much in a rebuilding and restoring process in Hebei, but that does not mean our information gathering work is stopping. We will not rest.”

To donate to the ongoing efforts go to https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/charity/notodogmeat

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