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Over the last ten years, NoToDogMeat has raised the plight of the dogs and cats used for food and fur in Asia and beyond in the global media.

Here is a selection of some articles exposing the horrors and celebrating our team’s achievements and happy rescues in their new homes.


Date List of NoToDogMeat Press Articles
21.01.17 Taking a bite out of a brutal trade – The Independent
20.06.18 Yulin dog festival: terrified dogs huddle in fear in blood-soaked slaughterhouse – Express
17.11.20 NoToDogMeat charity is calling for people from city to help dogs in need – Absolute Magazine
30.01.20 Dog at Yulin festival filmed being roasted whole on barbecue with blowtorch – Daily Star
30.01.20 Harrowing footage shows dog yelping as it is barbecued alive in street market – Metro News
06.02.20 China’s horrifying dog meat cruelty exposed – Toronto Sun
02.03.20 People in China are abandoning their pets over coronavirus fears – Blackpool Gazette
01.04.20 Annabel the one-eyed dog rescued from Chinese meat trade helps owner in lockdown – Metro News
01.04.20 A one-eyed dog rescued from the meat trade in China is helping her owner through self-isolation – Yorkshire Evening Post
05.04.20 One-eyed Chow saved from dog meat trade helps disabled owner through isolation – Wamiz
15.04.20 Coronavirus outbreak exploded after humans ate stray dogs that feasted on bats study – Express
23.04.20 Black cats are being killed and eaten in Vietnam after fake news spreads that their ground up bodies cure coronavirus – The Sun
24.04.20 Black cats skinned, cooked, sold as coronavirus remedy in Vietnam, rights group says – IB Times
24.04.20 Cats turned into paste and sold as coronavirus remedy in Vietnam – NY Post
24.04.20 Graphic footage show black cats being boiled and ground into paste to make COVID-19 remedy – Totally Vegan Buzz
25.04.20 People in Vietnam try black cat paste to ward off coronavirus – Daily Times
10.06.20 Coronavirus could be a good thing for Yulin dog meat festival campaigners – here’s why – Yorkshire Evening Post
19.06.20 Saving our furry pals | StarPaws – Daily Star
20.07.20 Animal rights charity shares shocking pictures of caged puppies – LADbible
21.07.20 Pictures show caged dogs ahead of slaughter to be turned in to traditional South Korean broth – Daily Mail Online
22.07.20 Grim pictures show rows of caged puppies destined for dog soup pot – Daily Star
24.07.20 Heartbreaking! dog with tumor thrown away by owner in a dumpster, passer-by rescues it – India Times
25.08.20 Charity begs America to adopt dogs doomed for Far East meat trade – NY Post
12.09.20 Adorable pageant queen pup raising awareness of heartbreaking dog meat trade – Daily Star
08.10.20 Dyson manager completes virtual London Marathon with no training – Wilts & Glos Standard
14.10.20 Chow helps ‘shielded’ owner through coronavirus isolation – Hampstead Highgate Express
29.10.20 Brexit and pandemic stopping rescue dogs from being rehomed – here’s how to help – Blackpool Gazette
06.12.20 Safe from slaughter – Sunday Mirror
24.12.20 Safe for Xmas – Daily Star
02.02.21 Sarah the spitz rescued from Chinese dog meat market where butcher cut her throat is now recovered and looking for a new home- Daily Mail
04.03.21 Butcher chains abandoned dog to post and fattens it for meat trade slaughter – Daily Star
21.03.21 Claws out on demo – Sunday Mirror
25.03.21 Brits manipulated into buying dogs from China to save them from being butchered – Mirror Online
08.04.21 Rescued from evil butchers – Daily Star
15.04.21 All about animals in Bucks and beyond from dog meat trade rescues to flea season – MK Citizen
04.05.21 New law could end China’s dog meat festival: advocacy group – NY Post
15.06.21 Bracknell and Wokingham College students make a point about dog meat with photography project – Wokingham Today
17.06.21 Pics make point over dog meat – Wokingham Today
20.06.21 HOW COULD THEY? Fury as dog meat festival gets underway in China with 5000 to be butchered and eaten over 10 days – The Sun
21.06.21 Dog meat festival kicks off in China despite outcry – with 5000 to be butchered – Mirror Online
22.06.21 Doggy Death Row – Horrifying look inside Yulin Dog Meat Festival’s ‘secret kill farm’ where puppies wail in fear before being boiled alive – The Sun
23.06.21 Dogs held at notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival are BLOWTORCHED before being chopped up in horrific slaughterhouse scenes – The Sun
24.06.21 Meat Fest Hell – Daily Star
25.06.21 Smaller trucks being used to secretly transport dogs to Yulin dog festival – One Green Planet
26.06.21 Yulin dog meat horror: sickening farm charges £100 for butchered pregnant dogs or puppies | World News –
05.07.21 ANIMAL FRIGHTS Inside sickening animal slaughter festivals – from burning bulls to blowtorched dogs – The Sun
07.07.21 Dog meat fest: Pictures of China’s most disgusting festival surfaced, burning dogs alive and eating their meat – Hindi News 18
08.07.21 专栏 | 绿色情报员:荒谬的夏至(下) 拒当“躺平族”的狗贩子 — 普通话主页 – Radio Free Asia
15.07.21 The NoToDogMeat charity is caring for dogs rescued from the Yulin dog meat festival – One Green Planet
18.07.21 End dog meat horror and the sick spectacle of Yulin festival says Andrea Jenkyns – Daily Express
19.07.21 Inside Cambodia’s cruel dog meat trade where animals are ‘electrocuted, hanged and drowned’ before being butchered – The Sun
08.09.21 Epping woman to run London marathon on a cruise ship – Epping Forest Guardian
13.09.21 Dog owner spends hours hand-stitching Beauty and the Beast dress for pet – Leeds Live
22.09.21 Leyton man who saved a dog from meat trade to run London Marathon – East London & West Essex Guardian Series
29.10.21 Harlow dog lover stages summer of car boots to help fun charity close to her heart – Essex Magazine
15.11.21 Anti-dog meat charity sets up borough office – Wokingham Today
18.12.21 Oliver escaped from the canine meat trade in China and now raises funds for others to do the same – The Sun
28.12.21 Heartbreaking fate of eight puppies rescued from China’s slaughterhouses – as dog meat STILL sold despite ban – The Sun
01.01.22 Dog being eaten alive by maggots rescued from van heading for China meat market – Mirror
01.01.22 Tiny maggot-covered dog with open wounds rescued from horror Chinese meat market – Daily Star
09.01.22 A pooch rescued from China’s dog meat festival is looking for a forever home – Metro
09.01.22 Rescue pet with ‘heartbroken eyes’ who escaped slaughter at China’s annual Yulin dog meat festival is now seeking a forever home in the UK – Daily Mail
15.01.22 Rescued from China’s dog meat festival, Cain is looking for a new family – Woopets
16.01.22 Doggos in China wait – Mirror
24.01.22 Charity calls on air cargo to help transport dogs – Air Cargo News
22.02.22 Sudden fire destroys animal medical centre that cares for 450 rescue dogs – Mirror
24.02.22 Blaze hits charity – Daily Star
05.03.22 Neil Oliver speaks to Julia de Cadenet who rescues dogs in China and Cambodia – GB News
11.03.22 First aider demonstrating how to save your dog’s life at Crufts 2022 in Birmingham – Mirror
24.04.22 NoToDogMeat volunteer at Crufts saving dogs from slaughter in cruel meat trade – Cheshire News
06.05.22 Terrified dog gives paw to rescuer through cage at Chinese meat market – Mirror
19.05.22 Rescue centre has 48 hours to rehome 140 dogs after police threaten to kill them all – Mirror
10.06.22 Rescuers save dogs from being sent to Yulin meat festival to be ‘made into soup’ – Daily Star
16.06.22 Battling butchers ¦ Star Paws – Daily Star
18.06.21 End Yulin 2021 NoToDogMeat is sending activists to Yulin this weekend – World Animals Voice
19.06.22 Dogs trapped on ‘truck from hell’ rescued before they’re butchered for meat festival – Mirror
19.06.22 Pets kept in ‘truck from hell’ waiting to be butchered for dog meat festival are saved – Daily Star
21.06.22 Police rescue nearly 400 dogs that would be taken to dog meat festival – B News
23.06.22 The barbaric Yulin festival where dogs are eaten for ‘luck’ starts today: why isn’t it banned? – The Ethical List
29.06.22 Charity rescues almost 400 dogs on truck to Chinese dog meat festival – LADbible
29.06.22 Pregnant dog saved from meat slaughterhouse gives birth to puppies in rescue – Mirror
29.06.22 Charity that rescued 400 canines from truck heading to the notorious Yulin dog meat festival claims many were stolen pets – and want to reunite the animals with their families – Daily Mail
01.07.22 HELL FACTORY Inside China’s secret slaughterhouse where stolen pets are blowtorched and their remains fed to other dogs on death row | World News – The Sun


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