Influencer and TV star Thomas Hartley welcomed as new NoToDogMeat ambassador

The NoToDogMeat charity is delighted to welcome new ambassador Thomas Hartley to the pack. 

Influencer, drag artist, and Married At First Sight UK star Thomas is a fierce advocate for social change and authenticity, and was horrified to hear that dogs and cats are still being slaughtered around the world. 

NoToDogMeat welcomes Thomas Hartley – copyright Thomas Hartley/NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

Thomas, who is a lifelong animal lover, and proudly supported the charity in front of his hundreds of thousands of social media followers by wearing the NoToDogMeat t-shirt and cap this week, said: “I am so proud to be teaming up with NoToDogMeat as this is a cause that I feel very strongly about. 

“I just can’t believe that anyone would want to do that to an animal, it’s beyond belief. 

“Many people think that this is a cultural tradition, but the Yulin Dog Meat Festival began in 2009, so there is nothing cultural at all about this, it is all about cruelty and it needs to stop.” 

The NoToDogMeat charity was the first to highlight the horrors of the dog and cat meat trade, and holds United Nations Special Consultative Status. 

Thomas is helping support the work of NoToDogMeat, to save the lives of dogs like this – copyright NoToDogMeat – to use this image email

The charity has projects in Cambodia and the Philippines and has two shelters in China which house 750 rescued dogs. 

This year the NoToDogMeat overseas rehoming programme was able to open again, after pandemic travel restrictions were lifted. The charity is urgently seeking support and funds so that more dogs can travel to their forever homes in the UK and Europe. 

In his role as ambassador for the charity Thomas will spread the word about NoToDogMeat’s work to a legion of fans, and be a vocal advocate for change. 

Julia de Cadenet, CEO of the NoToDogMeat charity, said: “Thank you so much to Thomas for showing his support for NoToDogMeat by becoming an ambassador.

“Thomas is all about authenticity and using his platform to be vocal about important subjects, which means he will fit in really well with our grassroots organisation.” 

You can follow Thomas on Instagram by going to @ thomashartleyofficial 

To find out more about the work of NoToDogMeat and donate go to

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