Memoirs of a Party Animal Angela Humphery Book – Review


Angela Humphery’s book ‘Memoirs of a Party Animal – My Seven Decades in Animal Welfare’ was given to me to read by the lady herself, characteristically enough at a recent NoToDogMeat protest outside the Korean Embassy in July. (You can see pictures of the demo here and there is a fab picture of Angela in there too!) )

As the title suggests her book is a chronologically arranged collection of anecdotes, memories, adventures and friendships from a lifetime which has revolved around campaigning and volunteering for animals and animal charities such as the PDSA, RSPCA, WSPA, The Brooke, Animals Asia and SPANA.

The book has 9 chapters dealing with the decades from 1930 onwards.  She ponders the roots of her obsession with animals. Charting her life’s course from joining the PDSA in 1940 spending time in South Africa, then on a ship. Then marriage to her husband in the 50’s. Then domesticity in the 60’s and 70’s, 80’s a career in journalism and up until the present time. The book demonstrates how a life dedicated to helping animals is also a life of great reward, enriching experience and lasting friendships.

This is a wonderful book to add to your Christmas list and proceeds all go to animal causes.


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