Covid 19 Pushes China to Protect More Wildlife

Progress in Animal Welfare: China

China has just published a new list of wild animals that will now be protected from harm.

Five hundred and seventeen species, including civets, will be added to the forestry catalogue which has not been updated in over 30 years.

A total of 988 species are now on the protected list, with 237 receiving additional protection.

What it means is people involved in poaching ‘first-class’ protected animals can receive longer jail sentences and steeper fines, according to the country’s wildlife protection law.

Dogs have not been forgotten and are now forbidden to hunt the Dhole (a red-coloured wild dog)

Though the new list has been hailed as a welcome move, conservationists still want revisions to go further and be more regular.

No doubt the pressure to recognise the importance of wild animals comes from the virus concerns and China’s declared ‘commitment’ to the environment,

This news encourages us to keep pushing for domestic animal welfare laws, and we will continue to submit our reports to the relevant authorities. Our charity will remind them of their promises in April 2020 when they said Dogs are Friends not Food.

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  2. Let’s wait and see if CHINA STICKS TO THEIR WORD !!!!¡ and more important act upon those who break this law .what about the cruelty inflicted on dogs😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  3. so many beautiful news !!! hope so much that all become truth !!

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