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We are excited to share some good news. China has taken the historic step of establishing a specific office in Beijing to protect pets- the China Compassion Animal Protection Office.

They have conducted a report on the social impact of animal welfare and addressed public health safety concerns. We are pleased because our charity has been consistently lobbying the authorities for nearly ten years, including the former deputy minister of agriculture Mr Lu Ming who spoke at the press conference. Our CEO Julia de Cadenet has personally presented many reports to the Ministry of Agriculture in China and urged companion animal welfare legislation to be created. Last year China made tentative statements to recognise our concerns and acknowledged dogs are not food. Now they have agreed that creating laws to protect companion animals is a priority. They have formally declared they will address the dog and cat meat trade. What incredible News!


For the last year, despite many challenges, NoToDogMeat’s volunteer team in China has been running education events in businesses in Beijing. These have led by our university graduate Anna, who recently held an animal welfare seminar at Volvo cars Beijing. Anna runs a shelter with the 72 dogs we have prepared for adoption ( FAQ’s). We hope soon to welcome volunteers also back at our main base ( with 450 dogs). They, too, can interact with our rescues and learn to be kind to animals. Education is the way forward.



We are delighted our ten years of work at high-level advocacy and grassroots level is starting to pay off.

The pandemic has presented many challenges bringing our dogs to new homes and finding funds to care for them, but we do feel that breaking through cultural barriers, we finally see some real change.

And it does not stop there. In 2018, the United Nations granted us consultative status. And then this year, we were invited to submit a report about our findings on animal welfare and suggestions for the future at a high-level meeting this summer—a massive honour for a small charity run by volunteers.


We have written to officials in China to thank them for this significant step and put forward our proposals and law and welfare. Congratulations to all activists. Please share and continue to support our work.


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  1. Let’s hope this is a step forward for those poor unfortunate dogs in this horrendous trade

  2. So few signatures!!! WHY????😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. well done we have to stop this horror for these poor animals such suffering and Brutallity


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