Breaking : Today[ May 1st 2021] a new law comes into force which is good news for our efforts to end Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Several days ago, our activists received the official document published by Yulin City.

The law prohibits transport, slaughter and sale of animals which can pose a risk to health and demands specific quarantine and checks of animals before they can be sold.

We have summarised the law below but in a nutshell, what it means is that it is illegal now to bring in large trucks or indeed any trucks of dogs for sale and slaughter at Yulin. The greedy traders can not even say they are complying with quarantine and other health measures because, in April 2020, Dogs were placed on a livestock ‘ safe’ list, formally declaring they are not food.

Today’s declaration is a massive step forward. Penalties are also high. Fines can range from 50,000 RMB- 150,000 RMB ( up to 30 times the value of the poor animal sold) – a minimum of $7000

This news has been long-awaited as we have been quietly lobbying in the background, and as you know, we recently announced a new office had opened in Beijing to bring in laws on animal welfare and address the dog meat trade.

We will not stop our lobbying. Our team on the ground in China are extra vigilant for the round-up of stolen pets at this time. They are also watching all secret warehouses where poor dogs are kept without food and water for weeks before they are transported to Yulin.

Who would have thought the misery of the pandemic would lead to the end of the Yulin Festival. We have personally visited and worked on many rescues for the last ten years; this news can not come soon enough. It’s not over yet, but it is definitely good news.

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Key Articles of the Law

Article 29
It is prohibited to slaughter, trade-in or transport the following animals/ animal products.
(1) those related to the occurrence of animal epidemics in the closed epidemic areas; (2) those who are susceptible to infection in the epidemic area; (3) those who should be quarantined according to law but have not been quarantined or have not passed the quarantine inspection; (4) those who are infected with epidemic diseases or are suspected to be infected with epidemic diseases; (5) those who have died of disease or whose cause of death is unknown; (6) failing to comply with the provisions of the competent department of Agriculture and rural areas under the State Council on Animal Epidemic Prevention.
Article 51
Quarantine Certificates shall be attached to animals slaughtered, handled, transported or used for scientific research, display, performance or competition; Animal products that are traded or transported shall be accompanied by a quarantine certificate and a quarantine mark.
Article 97
Those who, in violation of the provisions of Article twenty-nine of this law, slaughter, trade-in or transport animals or animal products, the local Government of China at or above the county level shall order the department in charge of agriculture and rural areas to make corrections and take remedial measures, and confiscate the illegal gains 、animals and animal products, and will punish not less than 15 times but not more than 30 times the value of the same quantity of quarantined qualified animals or animal products; if the value of the same type of quarantined qualified animals or animal products is less than 10,000 RMB, the fine will not be less than 50,000 RMB but not more than 150,000 RMB

Article100  It is a  violation of the provisions of this law if  animals slaughtered, traded or transported do not have quarantine certificates, and animal products traded or transported do not have quarantine certificates or quarantine marks, the local agricultural and Rural Administrative Department of the Government of China at or above the county level shall order the correction and impose a fine of not more than double the value of the same type of quarantine qualified animals or animal products; A carrier other than the consignor shall be punished not less than three times but not more than five times the transport expenses, and if the circumstances are serious, not less than five times but not more than ten times. The person responsible for slaughtering and dealing with animals and animal products must do a good job in animal epidemic prevention, disinfection and prevention and control of environmental pollution in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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