After 3 years of NoToDogMeat campaigning on the streets against Yulin Festival some positive news.  News has come in that Yulin pary secretary would like to ban the dog meat section of festival.
( Interview below)
Yulin party secretary, Li Jun Green Food and Drug Administration in the office has issued a statement to say.
“This year, if businesses hold the dog section, we will pass a resolution for it to be banned!” He has also applied for the Beijing dog business information disclosure and formally stated at a meeting with lawyers “I want the Yulin Dog Meat Festival banned” .
Secretary Li went on further to confirm the festival was in breach of the People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law.
It has been ten days and we are still waiting formal confirmation,As we all know passing a resolution and its implementation are two different things.However, if this resolution goes through it is a HUGE step to cracking down on the illegal dog meat to see a demise in the trade.  Our charity has issued letters of thanks and requested embassy meetings to discuss this matter further.
An action plan of letters you can write will follow soon. We  NEED to keep up the pressure.
May is coming up fast upon us and we are preparing our world awareness event for the 18th of May, please if you can join us –  for our week May 18th world awareness your voice counts. Our friends from China will be protesting on the 17th.


  1. Thank you for stoping this dog eating trade festivel I was watching you talk.. I was the first time I ever wanted to speak chinesses!! Thank you for helping and getting the job DONE.. Thankyou so very much


  2. All over the world Animal Lovers joined together to fight against this horrible deliberate animal cruelty against our Pets helpless dogs and cats. If this is all true there is a lesson to be learned here: “Never give up when you relentless fight for a cause you do believe in” ~PAWS. When we True Animal Lovers from the heart come together to protect our Precious Beings we know that our voice is Strong, Loud, Clear, and Broad.We know that the world stops to listen to us. Evil will never be as strong as Good. Evil shall never prevail. In behalf of our Foundation we would like to express here our most sincere Thanks to every single Person in Earth that has spoken about this horrific abuse of Animals, that has Tweeted about it, that has taken into his or her heart the Noble Mission of ending this tragedy, and that above all has done it from the deep of their heart. Thank you.


  3. Thankyou on behalf of all the animals! God bless you! Hoping and praying that we get it stopped completely everywhere!


    1. This is a very good question – The reality is there is no definite answer. Even if ban takes effect there will still be people who will slaughter animals. However, with laws in place – they can see themselves behind bars with a hefty penalty fine. If the government goes this route. As is it is still in discussion on the table from my understanding. Yet in the interview they did make the promise to ban. We will see if they follow through.


  4. This still happens every day….all they did was stop a festival that happens every year, how about the dog torture and eating that goes on the other 364 days a year ?? Please let this madness end very soon !!


  5. Je ne comprends pas cette horrible coutume il y a tant de choses pour se nourrir pourquoi torturer d’inoffensifs Animaux il faut que cela cesse au nom de l’huMANITé DOGS ARE GODS THOSE PEOPLE ARE ZOMBIS


    1. Nous devons garder la foi ainsi que de rester forte et ne pas perdre l’accent sur ce qui est important. Tous les animaux sont les créations de dieux, y compris les humains. Ces chiens et les chats ont besoin de la voix de chacun et pas seulement les nôtres, ici à No Pour la viande de chien, mais dans le monde entier. Vous pouvez aider en organisant vos propres événements dans votre pays / ville. Si vous avez besoin des bannières ou des tracts, ils peuvent être trouvés sur notre site principal.


  6. Please stop this babarism….they are our companions…our True friends….together with us in sorrow & joy….DOGS and CATS ARE OUR FRIENDS…CAN WE EAT OUR FRIENDS?


  7. I hope this Awful and disgusting Act will soon come to an end 😦 it breaks my heart how scum like them lot can do that too the poor dogs and cats? Hope they rot in HELL.


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