No To Dog Meat: Trip To China

Our very own Sophie Ling has made a safe landing in China. After settling in, Sophie met with various organisations and volunteers. Although, it is not easy to meet and greet with individuals as many do not trust foreigners – Sophie has been building trust for our organization and people like us.  As is many have frowned upon the actions a few of the residents have done in China – However, we will not judge the entirety of their country as it is only a select few acting in a abhorrent way.

Sophie our lovely team member has reassured people that we are respectful of the culture and that we are not hear to judge. Sophie has taken a few pictures over the course of a few days and we would like to share these photos.

Entry Visa Stamp – Proving That No To Dog Meat: Sophie Ling has landed in China.landedinChina

An advertisement in the paper – for happy dog faced shoe pattern. (Wish I was young again and had a pair, these are cute). Although, it’s a shame about the leather in the shoes! We as a team are against the fur and leather industry as well.


Animals have always been seen as “cute”. More of the younger generation are being taught and are learning – to see animals as sentient beings and as beings to protect.

Finding a pet shope in some areas wasn’t easy to find – yet when found. A marvelous selection of treats was abundant.

Progress is happening – as animals are becoming more cared for and loved as family companions. Many dogs are seeing themselves in loving homes throughout China.

Last year – Sophie made a trip and took photos before of a rescue that is in desperate need of help. She will be going again – to the same place to try and help these lovely people who have saved so many dogs.

This is why No To Dog Meat / World Protection For The Dogs And Cats In The Meat Trade – makes trips around the globe. To build foreign friendships while helping rescues with funds for food, vetting and even transport. This is why we fundraise – To help animals in need.

We are their voice – Join us to end cruelty.

More updates to come of Sophie’s trip.

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  2. save all the dogs and god bless

  3. thanks there are angels in this evil planet.

  4. Thank you, for helping to stop the, no dog or cat meat trade, I live in Las Vegas, and I have 160 acres I’m trying to get water and power on the Land, and also build a 12 foot wall around it, I’m making it into a animal rescue/sanctuary for all types of animal’s, and I hope someday I can take in animal’s from there.

  5. Hi tthanks for posting this

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