No To Dog Meat: Diplomacy First

Greetings and salutations,

On behalf of the No To Dog Meat and WPDCMT team. We would like to go over some issues that have been presented to us.

We realise that the subject regarding the dog and cat meat culture may be a place where it can be emotive and for feelings to run high, as well as being highly controversial. However, a strict decorum for diplomacy is always best suited to deal with this sensitive topic.

When we see or receive comments of threats and or racism we cannot condone or approve such comments and or speeches. We are here as a group of people from all over the world to bring awareness of the cruelty. We work together with other activists located in these areas that people tend to show hatred for.

We as a group and organization of diversity respect all cultures – it is just the cruelty toward humans and animals we cannot condone.

In truth blame should only be put upon those who do the acts, not the entirety of a country, for even a country of people have those fighting daily to end the cruelty. Blame should also be placed on our own countries animal abusers and government who enter into bilateral trade agreements without raising the issue of animal or human welfare.

To us – we see no colour of skin, there is only us as humans as one race, with a most powerful voice to make change, to better animal and human life.

With this being stated – we will not publicize or accept offensive comments such as racism or threats of harm. If such comments should be posted on our blog or pages they will be removed post haste.

So please, out of the respect for our team and the people fighting daily to change the way things are. Please keep everything to a civil formality.

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