Update #707 Tianjin Rescue Dogs Unloaded But Not Safe Yet

Relief as dogs are all off the truck and some emergency rescue volunteers are allowed into the site to provide care for the survivors – all have been fed and watered right now – this is temporary safety for these dogs – RIP and candles for those that have not survived….

The police had forced unloading, there was rudeness, scuffling and someone was beaten badly. Current volunteers in the field are temporary, now more volunteers are needed and drugs and supplies like pots, traction rope, water, cages. S

The volunteers are still at the agriculture department the dogs have gone 3 days without food or drink, some are dead, most have fractures, and owners have stood by, crying.  A team of Hong Kong representatives and a TV film crew have arrived to assist which is great – the truth needs to come out! Activists have been treated like criminals by police at scene, still no immediate resolution. They are putting themselves at risk filming the dogs being mistreated as being unloaded from the trucks – still no immediate resolution – the Governments departments felt so pressured they have turned off the phones ! Families have proved their pets have been stolen yet still the police have sided with the criminals.

Injuries, tears, lack of sleep, lots of waiting, having to stay calm in the face of adversity – these volunteers have great strength – they are already saying they must keep fighting to stop this black market chain repeatedly happening with so much suffering.

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  1. thank you guys for saving these dogs god bless all of you and his creatures

  2. to the government you are a disgrace to allow this to happen i will never travel to your country

  3. This is in Tianjin….are these the dogs from Yulin that Mrs Yang Xiaoyun brought back? It’s just that it is the same town so I wondered if they are?

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