Does Coronavirus mean Yulin will end?


Shenzhen has agreed to ban wildlife and will also include dog and cat meat. They have taken into account the strong bond humans have with dogs and cats.


Shenzhen is a border city well known for a gruesome dog meat market, and the neighbouring Guangzhou is where in 2017 we intercepted a truck of 1400 dogs on route to the Yulin dog meat festival.


Following the national ban on ending the consumption of wildlife, residents have been given a chance to speak out against eating all other domesticated animals, including cats and dogs.

A draft law has drawn up lists of edible and inedible. Dogs and cats and animals used for research will be regarded as illegal to consume and so will snakes, insects, birds and turtles.

For anyone who has been to a dog meat market or to Yulin, you will know it is like a crime scene, and there are zero regards for health safety.

Please help kind-hearted Asians and assist us to put an end to this cruelty by writing to the Shenzhen authorities at this email address:

Shenzhen is proposing a fine of 20,000 Yuan – 50,000 Yuan for anyone organising a banquet. This needs to apply to the disgraceful festival.

Please keep signing and sharing our petition.

If these moves go ahead it will mean our work over ten years is finally paying off.

We hope other Asian Countries follow suit.

Thank you, everyone, for all your hard work!


See below the response of the Chinese Ambassador to Austria.


Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 15.46.23


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