China Bans Eating Wildlife and in Shenzhen, this also means dog meat

Health risks associated with the way Asia tortures and eats animals indiscriminately has led to China fast-tracking a decision to prohibit the consumption of wildlife and this law comes into effect immediately. The additional great news is that regulation in Shenzhen has introduced a complete ban on wildlife includes dogs and cats. The new regulation has taken account of the fact that accounts for humans have close relationships with dogs and cats and should not be classed as food.

China’s wildlife trade and consumption industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that employs millions of people. Wildlife is frequently slaughtered in plain sight next to dogs and cats and poultry.

Most researchers believe the virus jumped from a market animal to a human host, mutated and then infected others. As a result, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has conceded that eating wild animals can present a huge threat to public health.
This fast track decision means it is now illegal to trade wildlife for human consumption.
These latest developments mean there is strong chance Yulin will not take place this year ! Nature is on our side.
Please continue to sign our petition to push the Chinese Government to ban the sale and consumption of dogs and cats. Time to close the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and all dog meat markets forever.

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  1. Sign to say no to animal meat


  2. Stop eating dogs and cats too


  3. Dont be heartless
    Dont eat dogs and cats


  4. Please show compassion to all Living things. They have a right to live their lives as nature intended.


  5. Let those who shed blood have th3ir blood ßhed.


  6. Please stop this barbaric actions


  7. Please stop. This is crazy!!


  8. Stop this now



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