Coronavirus is affecting our rescue work in China

Dear Friends

We wanted to give you a short update on our challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Firstly, we are sad that many of our rescues due to fly to loving homes this spring are stuck in China. It is so hard to find flight volunteers and expensive for us to prepare the dogs that this set back has been a real blow all around. We are, however, so proud of our heroic rescuers and NoToDogMeat team. Little Anna has been braving the ban not to go out at night and so has Mr Zhao. With many people abandoning their pets and police going door to door confiscating them, we are trying to give sanctuary to as many as we can.


The poor blind mastiff (in the photo) was out on the street alone. This poor boy could not even see to run. He narrowly avoided being beaten to death by police. Now thankfully safe in our shelter.

Food though is an issue and a constant worry. Volunteers are unable to get to us, and we have to be careful driving around. The same applies to get to vets and medical supplies.

We urgently need your help. Any spare funds you can donate will be so appreciated and carefully used.
Mr Zhao has given his word he will keep all our fur babies safe until the ban to travel is lifted. He is currently sleeping at the shelter on a makeshift bed with the workers. As soon as we can we will get back over there and help bring our dogs home. For the moment though we need to stock pile as best as we can with food and medical supplies.

We have to keep pushing to close the dog meat markets all over Asia. We have to keep pushing to end Yulin Forever. Please sign and share our petition.


Join us at Crufts if you can to raise awareness


Thank you for your support

Your grateful friends @notodogmeat


If you do not have pay pal please use this link

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