Mizoram India Introduces New Law To Ban Dog Meat


Right now, all eyes are on China. Many believe the pandemic is a result of them eating bats and wildlife. Meanwhile, a little known state called Mizoram in North East India has passed the Animal Slaughter Bill 2020 to remove the use of dogs for food forever.

You may have seen the terrible images and footage we have released since our campaign began of dogs stolen and stuffed in bags. Just like in the Phillippines, their noses are tied tightly shut. They travel for hours to Mizoram and Nagaland. Sometimes they were even stolen from Myanmar and Bangladesh. The poor dogs are stuffed full of rice before being burnt alive. Although this practice was illegal under Food Safety regulations, no one was enforcing the rules.

This law is a big step forward and could easily be recreated throughout Asia.

As part of our work in consultative status with the United Nations, we continue to push for new laws to further animal welfare and run education programmes. NoToDogMeat has been urging them since January in our petition to close all dog meat markets and end the live slaughter of animals.

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  1. Thank u India for step up!!! All animals lovers has been signing so many petitions daily to bann this animals cruelty act!!! Dogs/cats are loving animals for us to cherish them not torture animals for food…their others good ways to eat healthy food this is a huge problem for others countries as well this shouldn’t never happen to begin with!! This is a disgrace in human life…now this (Corona virus) from China is very seriously dangerous life threatening to all!! We the nations of all Countries needs to be banned and punished for animals cruelty act in all different types of animals cruelty we will keep continue signing petitions until this war of animals cruelty act is completely shutdown for life be kind to animals love them don’t kill bc they are stray animals they didn’t ask for this!! Its not thier fault bc their owners doesn’t want them anymore!!! Help save poor animals for life!!!! China is now out raged even more please help banned China others countries from cruelty act of violence against animals!!!

  2. Stop eating dog meat

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