Sale of Dog Meat banned for One Week at Yulin Festival

Over the last few years, The Yulin festival in Guang Xi province China has gained much attention from the international community, due to dog and cat meat being on the menu, as well as barbaric preparation methods such as boiling and blowtorching alive being evident. This has lead to many campaigns, including by mainstream media, celebrities and animal rights activists, to try and put an end to it. 21st June is the summer solstice and with temperatures soaring in China, it is believed that eating dog meat ‘cools down’ the consumer. Sadly there are still ancient beliefs and superstitions at play, resulting in excuses to torture the animals.

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The sale of dog meat has been banned for one week at the Yulin Festival this year. The short ban is from 15th June – 21st June and although the ban is only temporary, and the ban would be lifted on the 22nd June, we must be grateful for small mercies and continue to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. We must look at this as a good start, as a light at the end of the tunnel. Those caught selling dog meat during the ban period will face hefty fines, so it shows the officials are getting on the right track.

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Sadly the ban does not include the sale and preparation of cat meat. Not always, but sometimes in China, cats are boiled alive, and we must make sure cats receive the same attention as the dogs do when it comes to government lobbying and celebrity voices. There is a belief that cat meat cures arthritis. Because cats are agile creatures, the consumer believes they gain the cat’s agility by eating its meat.

Blog 3Right now, we can give praise to Yulin’s newly elected Party Secretary Mr Mo Gong Ming, who with a more compassionate approach than previous party leaders, is taking the heartfelt concerns of the international community more seriously. If you would like to write him a personal letter reminding him about how cats are also tortured for ancient beliefs and asking him to ban dog and cat meat in the province once and for all, you can contact him at: Mr Mo Gong Ming, Yu lin city government Yu Zhou area, Renmin East Rd, No. 419 Yulin City, GuangXi , China Zip code: 537000

Blog 4Meanwhile, No To Dog Meat’s CEO Julia is in China assisting our partner shelter known as “Jaxing”, South of Beijing. She also has meetings lined up this week with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and The World Animal Health Organization (OIE) both in Beijing,  both of whom she has met with before.  We continue to present them with reports on the ancient torture processes, and of the human health risks of eating dog meat, also confirmed by the OIE.  We will also remind them of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including human health, sustainable agriculture (animal protection), and rule of law.  In fact, it was our CEO Julia who urged the OIE to approach the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture a couple of years back regarding the health hazards of eating dog meat.  This then lead to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture making an official statement that “dog meat is unfit for human consumption”. She will of course be reminding them that thousands of cats are also being boiled alive on a daily basis in China.

This week we will also be sending further reports to Yulin’s new Party Secretary detailing all the hopes and dreams of the UN’s new Sustainable Development Agenda, reminding him that the UN calls for “an end to old mindsets” as well as a desire for “global citizens” and protection for every animal, no matter how “low” the value.  We hope you can also write to him on the address provided above.

Back to the cats at our partner shelter “Jaxing”, we are working on a new cattery to house and treat cats rescued from the meat trade. If you would like to help fund the creation of the cattery and help the cats there with treatment and nutrition, donations are gratefully received. Our simple form can be updated to send what ever amount you can afford.

Thank you and bless your hearts for caring.

More about our cattery:

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We also have an adoption programme from our shelter, and we have many new cats looking for their forever homes abroad, as well as dogs.

Please email our adoption specialist Nikki at for initial inquiries.

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