Animal Welfare News from China

In these times of uncertainty when campaigning is ever more hard we are pleased to report on two positive pieces of news from China.


As many of you know, China is the second-largest cosmetic market globally, and up until recently, they insisted that all countries carry out animal testing on products before sale.

On January 1, 2021, they finally agreed to implement the strictest “Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulations”.
This means that countries which qualify will no longer have to test on animals to sell items for “Everyday use” like shampoo,mascara,blusher and perfumes.

This policy change shows that China slowly recognises that compassionate manufacturers do not want to test on animals.

The new regulations mean companies can earn a certificate for export by quality-testing their cosmetics’ products and processes and won’t be limited to selling products online.

France, who has recently passed groundbreaking new laws in animal welfare will be the first European country to export their cruelty- free products to China and we really hope other countries will follow suit.


Last year we reported about the horrific way animals were abandoned during the initial Covid outbreak. People were bullied into handing over their pets, some of them threw them out, or they were abandoned as residents went into quarantine centres.

Our charity even built a new small base close to Beijing to provide sanctuary to some these poor animals. We were of course really worried this year to learn of more lockdowns in Hebei where Mr Zhao heroically cares for 450 dogs and cats and around Beijing where Anna is managing the small base. It has been hard getting in supplies, and it is still dangerous to move dogs between the shelters or take them to the vets ( we literally have to hide them under blankets in the car). At night temperatures can also drop to minus 23 so this is no time for dogs and cats to be abandoned.

Dogs Allowed to Accompany Owners into Quarantine Centres

We therefore welcome news that parts of Shanghai and Daxing close to Beijing are allowing small pets to accompany their owners into the quarantine centres. This is further recognition by the authorities that pets are companion animals and not food and we hope this will reinforce our message and campaign to end the brutal dog meat trade.

Our rescuers are still mindful that pets especially large dogs can end up on the streets and the dog meat markets, but we take this as positive news.

People wonder how a British/overseas NGO can make such a difference in another continent but NoToDogMeat believes animal welfare has no borders and that the pandemic has taught us we must work together to respect sentience.

Please continue to support our work in campaign/ investigation and rescue. A simple action like buying a mask, sponsoring a dog or cat or sharing our posts can make all the difference.

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