We Made It Through 2020

Dear Friends

Well, it’s nearly 2021 and what can we say. We made it. Our year started with a Huge Protest in London, and despite everything, we have had had much success in legislation and change. Unlike many organisations on furlough, we have not stopped all year.

Our most anxious time was during China lockdown, and we worried much much about our animals in the shelter run by Mr Zhao as police were blocking even food arriving. Our van also broke down.This meant Anna and the team had to walk miles and carry the rescues who needed medical treatment to the roadside and then get public transport. Anna’s grandmother had a break-in in her yard. She had been hiding puppies abandoned the start of Covid. We decided to build a small holding base near Beijing which gave sanctuary to many, including our Yulin rescues. Even though our dogs can not yet fly to new homes, We have vaccinated them with medical cards. We recently ran a successful meet and greet in Beijing a few weeks ago and rehomed some of the small dogs and cats.

We do not just work in China. Activism has taken place in Vietnam this year, exposing how black cats are brutalised to make vitamins and traditional medicine, and in 2021, we start a small education campaign there.

In Korea, we continue to support activists CCGAON and their efforts to close dog farms, and we sponsored their recent drive to spay and neuter street cats and prevent them being rounded up and thrown into a boiling point.

We were active in Cambodia pushing to end eating dogs in Siem Reap but so much more is needed. So we have partnered with a small grassroots group who rescue cats and some dogs. We will help to spay and neuter the cats. As part of our remit with the UN, we will run some education programmes.

These are just a few of our successes. Not bad for a team run by volunteers. But we could not do this without you. We can not do anything without you sharing our posts, donating to our cause and giving us the courage to continue.

We need one final push to sell our 48 calendars (from the 250 we had printed) that will help us cover our food bill for December. Masks are great too, and our super sammie ones sure bring a smile, and we all need that now.

Brexit will be a major challenge for us as freedom of movement ends, and animal protection laws will be weakened. And, we are not in favour of such a decision as it will hurt so many rescues. That said we must forge on and we need you to know wherever you are in the world. We are #strongertogether

Let’s continue to move forward together with a united heart. #NoActionTooSmall

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