Bok Nal is Today! Please email Korean Parliament Now!


Please send an email to the list provided.  You can just copy and paste the whole list and send the whole lot in one go. Sample letter below.;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Please attach some photos of the torture to your emails, if you know how.

Photos  can be found by clicking the pictures below (then click ‘previous’ and ‘next’ on the facebook page)

You can just paste in this link, or download some of the torture photos from the Food Torture page, and email them with them letter.

Thank you

Sample Letter

To: Korean Parliamentary League on
Children Population and Environment

Dear Parliamentary Member

The Bok Days Festival in South Korea runs from July and August each summer. Last year there were cases of dogs and cats being burnt alive and boiled alive. This ancient torture of animals does not belong in a state within the United Nations Country. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, who is also a Korean, speaks of civil society and a culture of peace.  We ask the Korean Parliamentary League on Children, Population and Environment to make illegal the torture and boiling alive of dogs and cats, and any other animal. Last year at the Bok Days Festival, children were sold toy dogs, with knives and sticks attached – so they could practice torture of dogs….

Please end dog and cat meat trade, because the business is based in torture. Dogs and cats are sentient beings and should not be eaten.

Some Korean children are still being taught that dogs are bad, and deserving of torture. Please end this ancient culture of hate.

Some Korean families buy a dog or cat from the market, take it home, torture it and boil it alive. Please stop this disgrace.

Groups of young men beat and torture dogs because they believe they will gain sexual process by eating tortured dogs.

Yours Faithfully,

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  1. FYI, not sure which or maybe all of the email addresses fail. I received a message from my server advises the message failed.

  2. Leave the animals in peace
    This people must to be pay in this life
    Every pain cause To the animals

  3. Stop this now! It is simply wrong.

  4. Stop this evil!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Discusting!!!

  6. This has to stop now it’s pure evil!

  7. Its should be stop immediately

  8. Email sent to parliamentary members! ✔️

    Let’s hope someone listens and can influence people to stop this practice.

  9. Please stop the meat trade of cats and dogs. Foreigners have downgraded the reputation of your country.

  10. For Gods sake! You’re pure barbaric cruelty is horrific! No excuse and no tolerance for this sociopathic behavior!

  11. This is completely inhumane! Contrary to their belief the meat does NOT taste better after being tortured! Dog is man’s best friend, they need love like we do not this kind of treatment! Please stop this NOW!!!

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  13. Pls stop this

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