NoToDogMeat Protest Bok Nal at LA Korean Consulate Rally last Friday!


About 50 people gathered in front of the Korean Consulate in Los Angeles last Friday afternoon (August 7th).  NoToDogMeat supporters traveled from as far as Northern California and Arizona to protest against the brutal torture of dogs and cats in Korea during the BOK NAL FESTIVAL (where over a million dogs are tortured for human consumption) from July – August.

USA  NoToDogMeat co-founders Fia Perera and Lori Alan led the rally as activists marched for several blocks around the consulate chanting “Dogs and Cats are friends and family not Food! “.

The rally garnered a great deal of support and attention from the public as well as several notable Korean newspapers.  Many people were shocked by the graphic picture on the banner showing several skinned puppies being boiled alive. People were also equally disturbed to hear that there is a very pervasive underground dog meat trade here in California, USA.

Fia made it clear that Americans can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to this torture and cruelty as it affects the future well-being of all of our beloved pets in the U.S. In fact in 44 states there is a pet consumption loophole that states it’s legal to eat your dog or cat – which NoToDogMeat USA is committed to closing with the help of HSI and LCA (Last Chance for Animals) and many other animal welfare organizations.

At the end of the rally a signed petition was hand delivered to the Korean consulate asking Korea to put an end to the Korean dog meat trade and festival and to recognize the serious health ramifications of serving diseased dog meat to the general public. Perera and Alan made it clear that they will take this to the UN and heralded all involved in the momentous day that no matter what the outcome is #NoActionIsTooSmall for these dogs and cats that are begging for their lives.

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  1. well done guys keep the good work up

  2. People can help by not buying products made in korea.

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