Dog Meat Banned, Siem Reap Cambodia

More Good News as Siem Reap Province in Cambodia, a province popular with tourists, has banned the trade and slaughter of dogs for meat.

In Cambodia, an estimated 3 million dogs a year are killed for meat. Despite welcoming more than two million tourists annually and dogs growing in popularity as pets and use for the military. Siem Reap is a place responsible for large-scale sourcing and trafficking of Cambodian canines.

Worryingly, officials say dog meat has been a lot more popular following the arrivals of foreigners.

It is the first place in Cambodia to issue such a ban and has long been a dog meat hotspot. Anyone caught selling the meat will now be made to sign an agreement not to do it again. Repeat offenders will receive a fine.

The new law banning dog meat says that animals must not be killed because they are loyal pets capable of protecting homes and farms and of assisting the military.

This news is a welcome step forward and makes us even more determined to step up our campaigns and grassroots education and activism.

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  1. Maybe they are following outrage from the world at China so this is good news though we must carry on fighting

  2. I detest the way that these innocent beautiful souls are tortured to death for consumption. I will truly welcome the day when this eventually happens as it breaks my heart and millions of others all over the world 😥😰😨

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