Chinese Workers in Egypt – Torture and Eat Stray Dogs for Dinner

We received some upsetting news from our animal loving friends in Egypt. They report that Chinese migrant workers who work in Egyptian cement factories are capturing stray dogs, torturing them and eating them.

We need your help to sign and share out petition to the Egyptian Authorities, where we ask them to punish these workers for torture of animals and to make dog eating illegal. As well, we ask them to speak to the Chinese Government about the behaviour of these workers.

Please sign and share our petition to the Egyptian Authorities

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The original facebook post from our Egyptian friends is here WARNING graphic video. 

New Russian Laws on Animal Welfare give Activists Hope

One of the biggest frustrations we have as activists is that Animal Welfare Laws take endless amounts of time to be introduced. Even when they are put forward in draft form it can take years for them to be passed. We have seen this over and over again in South Korea and of course in China. Then we have the disheartening news for example in Bali and Philippines that even though laws are in place dog eating and animal cruelty continues.

Despite all of this we push forward for change working with grassroots activists and at the highest levels in Government and the UN. We just can not give up.

News therefore that countries like Russia have finally passed laws that were 8 years in the making gives us some hope.Russia has passed new legislation in a bid to improve animal welfare across the nation.

The Moscow Times reports that the bill, called “On Responsible Treatment of Animals and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation,” was signed into law by Vladimir Putin.

It bans petting zoos in malls, animal cafes, animal fights, housing animals in bars and restaurants, and the killing of stray cats and dogs. The Kremlin states that the new law is guided by the “principles of humanity.” Originally introduced in 2010, it took legislators eight years to finalise the act.

The law also mandates that pet parents take good care of their companion animals. It also bans keeping exotic animals in homes and apartments. Wild animals such as camels and ostriches have been abandoned in the wild in recent years. Keeping wild animals “without a license” will result in the animal being seized by the state. The hope is that ‘semi legal ‘ circuses will find it harder to operate.

The killing of stray cats and dogs has become increasingly common in Russian cities over the past few years. The new law mandates that all strays are to be captured, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and released.

Will this really be the end of animal cruelty in Russia ? Only time will tell but it certainly gives us hope that if change can happen under the regime of Putin if our voices get louder in Asia dogs and cats and indeed all animals can have a chance for a better life.

Cat Infected with The Plague

January 2019, Wyoming Department of Health have confirmed a cat has been infected with the plague.

Tests at University of Wyoming and Wyoming State Veterinary Labs, show that this is the third case of cat plague in Wyoming in the last 6 months. State health officer and epidemiologist Dr Alexia Harrist states:

“Plague is a serious bacterial infection that can be deadly for pets and people if not treated as soon as possible with antibiotics,” “The disease can be passed to humans from sick animals and by fleas coming from infected animals. We are letting people know of the potential threat in the cat’s home area as well as across the state.”

“While the disease is rare in humans, plague occurs naturally in the western United States in areas where rodents and their fleas become infected.”

This is very worrying indeed especially if the disease re-awakens in Asia, that fact that so many cats in Asia are eaten, means there is risk of transmitting the disease over to humans. Please help us spread the word!

In the meantime we shall be relaying this information over to the World Animal Health Organization, in the hope that they speak to the Chinese Government. Please sign our pledge.

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