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The NoToDogMeat campaign was officially launched May 18th 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival.There, activists from Droits Des Animaux and Nice Animal Welfare Association came together to speak out for the rights of dogs and cats in South Korea. They took part in our first Global World Awareness Day.

In May this year our official french chapter was formally launched. Ghislaine,Marie, Janne and Jean-Luc set up an ambitious summer awareness programme every week in the large place Massena Square.


They successfully launched a petition translated into french urging the large Korean companies with HQ in France to face up to corporate social responsibility. So far over 2000 signatures have been obtained.

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And, have translated campaign translated campaign material into french  which you can download.


Earlier actions have taken place over the horror of BokDays in Paris


Our charity is no stranger to lobbying in France and is in frequently in contact with the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) which is based in Paris. A recent debate held at the UK’s House of Commons confirmed how important it is to raise concerns on food safety as a reason NOT to eat dog and cat meat.

We hope to meet the President of the OIE in the coming months and discuss these issues with him.

It is now widely accepted that addressing food safety and health risks rather than ‘benefits’ of eating food from tortured animals is the way forward to change .


Petition Link

If you would like to join in with NoToDogMeat France activities and know more about the team please  France@notodogmeat.com

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