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Firstly huge congratulations to activists in the USA. Many people think when a law passes, the issue is done and dusted. We know from our work in Asia, creating legislation is just the start, enforcement is everything. So is closing legal loopholes.
The USA has just passed a bill to make sharing crushing videos a felony. While the act of killing animals for sport and filming it was made illegal in 2010, people were still using social media to share the videos. Now they can’t. We hope to use this precedent to issue takedown notices to twitter and Fb for the horrific videos sadists post from Asia.
Secondly, New York is to establish an office devoted to Animal Welfare. It will undoubtedly help NGO in the region, including our own which is in consultative status with the UN. We hope to follow the USA lead and push our individual London Assembly members to consider something similar.
Climate Change experts have confirmed cutting down on meat consumption will have a massive effect on the environment. Evermore reason for our dear animals to be given more rights.
These achievements encourage activists around the Globe to carry on campaigning.
December London Events
We have four fundraising events coming up on London Oxford St.
Starting on December 15th with carol singing and selling calendars.
Can you join us? Being out on the streets with our rescues is an excellent way to raise awareness and let the incoming UK Government know they can not abdicate responsibility when it comes to animal welfare at home and in Asia. If you can run an event locally we will gladly support you. We urgently need to meet our monthly food budget for our China dogs and cats. Please donate.
Other ways you can help.
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  1. what goes on in China with these poor dogs, is abhorrent evil and GODLESS by people without out any kindness or Empmpathy in their whole body. STOP EATING domesticated animals like DOGS and CATS. Dogs are mans best friend.

  2. My heart is broken for these precious animals. I can’t get this out of my mind and cry throughout the day praying for them. I donate and sign petitions. These vile humans that hear the cries of innocent animals and do nothing are just as guilty as the vile ones that torture them. Thank you for doing something and being a voice for them.

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