This Just In #NoToDogMeat – Tianjin Dog Truck Rescue #1110 Please Donate

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These are photos of the genuine rescuers NoToDogMeat supports.
Our CEO and Trustees met and worked with some of these rescuers in August.  These are the dogs which have been rescued 3 days ago from a dog truck in Tianjin (#1110). We are now assisting them to get medical treatment. The volunteers have not slept and more hands on help is needed at the scene. Funds are urgently needed for medical supplies as well as bowls/food/blankets. We will share video and news.
People ask us “where does my donation get spent?”. The answer is here. With genuine caring rescuers and activists.
If anyone has supplies also they can donate we can arrange a pick up.
Our charity sent funds today and will send more. We are also appealing for food and blankets and bowls.

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(To read earlier reports of this rescue from 11th November see post from ‘Compassion for China’s Animals’ page on Facebook.)


Latest videos.

Please click to Donate to help these dogs and the other dogs who will surely be rescued in the near future.

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  1. Thank you for rescuing and fighting this sadistic and barbaric trade.

  2. THANKYOU So much for saving these dogs , you are angels ! We are supporting you ! x

  3. well done again guys thank you for your hard work your doing thank you thank you

  4. Thank you for rescuing these poor creatures. X

  5. How can we adopt one of your rescues here in the USA there is a dog I saw and want to bring here.

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