Can You Help Francis in Cambodia?

On Easter Sunday last week our Notodogmeat activist Tet Lin came across an abandoned development of half-built condos near his home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He started to catch dogs and take them to the local vets.

One of the dogs – Francis – has been suffering alone from acute distemper and lung infection. The poor thing has lost much of his fur, and his skin is so tight from dehydration that it has been hard to insert saline and antibiotic drips.

Please can you help us? Please can you open your hearts to donate anything you can so we can pay for the urgent medical care Francis needs and try all we can to save his life?

We know from our experience rescuing dogs in China that distemper is often fatal. It is highly contagious, and many vets, including this one, do not like to keep sick animals at their clinic.

We could not bear for Francis to die in pain or alone. Tet decided to create a small home isolation unit on the top floor of his house to care for Francis. He stayed up last night working on this and we sent an urgent parcel of medical supplies.

We have been working with trusted partners in Cambodia for the last year, and it breaks our heart not to be able to save Francis.

We support small rescuers who share our values. Tet Lin is one of them. This amazing man goes out weekly to rescue dogs that have been abandoned and are vulnerable to ending up in the dog meat markets. He has also been investigating the cruel use of dogs in Cambodia. Right now, he keeps all rescues at his home, and we hope later this year, he can move to the shelter or build another small place and continue our work.

It has been a really worrying week but our dedicated Tet has been able to give us the news that this little survivor is still with us. He is very weak but drinking fluid. Despite being told by the vets to euthanise him, Tet was determined he would at least not die alone.

We still need $325 to pay for the veterinary bills and other expenses so please, if you can, open your hearts and donate?


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  1. Savages. Animals are sentient lives with feeling of pain and anguish. More importantly they are capable of unconditional love towards their benefactors.

  2. It was about the time that they stop dog and cat meat trade.

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