FLOODING UPDATE: NoToDogMeat Beijing shelter takes in animals from flooded shelters around the city, while NoToDogMeat shelter volunteers in Hebei continue battle to save animals there

The nightmare continues for NoToDogMeat’s Chinese shelters today, as severe weather and flooding has put hundreds of rescued animals at risk.

While shelter manager Qin Xi Zhao battles to save 500 dogs at the NoToDogMeat shelter in Hebei, which has been badly affected by flood waters, Anna Gan, who manages the NoToDogMeat shelter in Beijing has been busy taking in animals from other shelters in the west of the city, where buildings have succumbed to the water.

Cats awaiting rescue in the west of Beijing – to use this image email hayley@animalnewsagency.com – copyright NoToDogMeat

Anna and her team have been busy taking in cats and dogs, and making sure that they are safe and dry as the forces of nature rage around them.

So far the NoToDogMeat Beijing shelter has been able to save 60 animals from the flood waters.

She said: “The Beijing shelter has not been badly affected thank God, but other shelters around the city are in desperate need of help.

“We have brought cats and dogs to our shelter today, and they are now safe and dry.”

Many roads are blocked, and thick mud is a problem for road users where the roads are not flooding, so transporting the animals has been a difficult task.

Dogs saved from a flooded shelter in the west of Beijing – to use this image email hayley@animalnewsagency.com – copyright NoToDogMeat

While the Beijing is able to take in flood survivors from around the city, NoToDogMeat’s Hebei shelter has itself been drastically flooded, as well as other facilities in the region.

China’s animal rescue network is being inundated with calls for help from shelters in the region, as catastrophic floods claim scores of lives due to typhoon Doksuri which struck on Thursday last week and has led to days of inclement weather.

Hebei was badly hit, as water was diverted out of Beijing to the region, with disastrous results.

Saved dogs at the Beijing shelter – to use this image and video footage email hayley@animalnewsagency.com – copyright NoToDogMeat

Julia de Cadenet, who founded the NoToDogMeat charity in 2009 said: “Our shelter managers and volunteers have been so brave in the face of this nightmare.

“We are grateful that our Beijing shelter has been able to take in some dogs and cats, and we will continue to do all that we can as an organisation to preserve life.

“Please donate to support our work, this is an unprecedented disaster for our charity, and the people of Hebei.”

To donate visit https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/Emergency-Flood-China-Shelter

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