The Long Journey Home from Yulin – Our Rescues Arrive

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We know you have been waiting and we have news. Our team made it back to Beijing. It took nearly two days. We had so many challenges getting back and many police controls to get through. Just three brave volunteers to drive the vans thousands of miles and care for the dogs. We have been there loyally since our CEO Julia first went in 2011. We uncovered so many new atrocities and have an up-to-date accurate report of the situation and progress. We sent the puppies we saved from the dog farm to a rescue 2 hours from Yulin. They will be safe. Our 21 Yulin Angels will now be cared for at four different animal hospitals. In the video below you see some of them as they are recieved at one of the veterinary hospitals. We had to split them up because 10 have a serious infectious disease. They will join our truck rescue, and we will do everything we can to make sure they survive. The photo you see is of us unloading the first truck. The dogs have to pass through a special quarantine area before the vets can give them care. We are all exhausted and emotionally drained. Our hearts are heavy for the poor dogs we could not save, but we did all we can with the funds and volunteers we had. So much more news to share. You asked us so many times what would we do for this year’s Yulin, and we did not let you down. We were there. We will always be there. Please support our fundraiser if you can or buy a campaign shirt to help our work.

Please Donate to Our Yulin 2021 Fundraiser

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