Notodogmeat Activists Bear Witness to the Dreadful Truth of Yulin Part 1

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In our last update asked our supporters to donate to fund our Chinese activists in a planned mission to Yulin for this year’s 2021 Dog Meat Festival. At the time of writing this post our activists are en route home from Yulin with around 20 lucky dogs they have managed to snatch from the jaws of death.

We want our supporters to understand the commitment and extremes our Chinese activists have put themselves through over the last few days so we will publish their story in several parts as there is a lot of information to take in…

Originally, our Chinese team we had planned to send 8 activists who were to travel the 2000 miles by air. However, as the team arrived at the airport last Saturday morning (after travelling 3 hours)  morning they swiftly realised this would not be possible. The Chinese police were not allowing their journey and were threatening arrest. Disappointed, they had to turn around and go home. After deliberation, they concluded that they were determined to make it there for the dogs and a pared-down team to just three. Zhao and two others set off the next morning and made the whole 19-hour journey by car. 

On arrival that night they began taking pictures of their first impressions and after staying at a hostel they were able to continue their investigation the next morning. All the pictures they have sent to us were taken at their own personal risk and had to be done secretly without attracting attention.

Our activists were able to report that this year in the town itself there was no ‘festival’ atmosphere and that there were crowds of mostly men eating in dog meat restaurants but this year there were no stands in the streets with live dogs been slaughtered in public as in previous years. They also visited the markets where meat is sold.  They also visited the Mayor’s Office and our petition signatures. 

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  1. Thanks to all of you for being so involved and the only hope for those poor, poor dogs. Every life saved is invaluable.

    It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear about the daily dog torturing that is being tolerated by the Chinese government. No living creature should have to be killed in that manner.

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