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For the past two days, our small team of devoted Chinese activists have been in Yulin.  There is no media presence and no other charity or NGO. has attended.  We are alone. Our petition was delivered to the Mayor’s office, and we reminded them of the new laws that prohibit slaughtering dogs publicly.
Here is what we know for sure: Police are on the streets to stop protests and also to control the public slaughter of dogs. There is no’ festival atmosphere’. There are about 30 busy restaurants serving dog meat.  Some of the others have barely 20 people inside. Most customers are men and most are local to the city and the provinces around.
We have attracted unwanted attention walking around in our Notodogmeat shirts but we have also made it clear this has to end. We have not seen any live dogs for sale publicly or waiting their turn to be killed to order.
This means it is happening secretly. In a few hours, we will go to the slaughterhouse we have identified and try to rescue as many dogs as we can. We need your help.  This is not about buying dogs or bartering for the cameras. We need help because when/ f we do save the poor lives, we need to get them out of Yulin back to safety at our shelter 3000km away.
We are a small organisation, and we do not have large trucks at our disposal. With the truck rescue, we could rely on other groups, to work with us but this time, we are entirely on our own.  We do not know how sick the dogs will be, and it is a long the way for us to drive back from Yulin to Beijing to ensure the dogs will be safe and give them the care they need.
We do not want to overpromise, but we are doing all we can. Please open your hearts and donate. Every single dollar, pound or whatever currency you donate will help us make a difference. We have promised not to let you down. We have pledged to act. Now we are in Yulin, we need your help.

Featured Image: Ones of the five dogs rescued from the Yulin bound trucks a few days ago. Maggots in his skin, his bones broken so badly poking out and yet he is one of the lucky ones! Yulin is brutal. This madness must end. Please support our activists on the ground.

These are pictures of our poodle before, during and after his operation today.

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  1. I am so shocked by all what happens in China that I could not sleep … what happens there is the summum of a total dehumanization, these people lose all the human characters, it is a total cretinization, and all this takes place under the approving eye of our so-called civilized world. West remains motionless, without blinking an eyelid. They talk and talk, but no reaction. Shame on those who do and shame on those who approve of it.

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