Adopt Dogs from China

Our incredible poodles, labradoodles and samoyeds are all vaccinated with successful blood test and ready to fly to forever homes.

Can you open your hearts to adopt one? Or help us sponsor their trip? We need to buy crates/pay for flights and get them through quarantine health checks.

Our amazing Mr Zhao who cares for them just built a socialisation area allowing the shelter dogs to play on grass.

We want our all our dogs to have the best chance possible of finding a loving home. It is still an enormous strain to feed them every month. We need 3600 kilos of dry food for our dogs and cats every month which costs around $4,000.


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  1. Hi, I’m a dig groomer and would like to have a collection run for you in my walk. Do you have any stickers or leaflets I could use to make one please?

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