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Mr Zhao 2aWe know many of you are waiting for updates from Yulin so we want to share with you the information we have from our volunteers and sources on the ground. This year the torture fest has been much, much quieter than any other year. Campaigning has certainly helped but the real progress has come from the amazing Chinese activists.

We spent most of May in China with Mr Zhao who is an absolute hero. He explained how organisations had agreed to boycott buying dogs at Yulin and would all focus their efforts on stopping trucks. We prayed they would be successful. We were horrified to visit villages where they regularly steal dogs and send them up to Dongbei in the north where there are large slaughterhouses.

You may not know but most Chinese activists are just regular people who work in a day job volunteering when they can to make a difference. This year they did. They have stopped numerous trucks and completely disrupted the business of dogs going into Yulin. So much so that just as our photos show there were hardly any sellers at Yulin market.

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This however is where the hard work starts.

Rescue is only ever the beginning of a long and often heart-breaking journey.

We run a partner shelter south of Beijing with over 400 dogs and 36 cats looking for love and a home. It’s hard work just feeding them and every month is a trial for Mr Zhao.

Yet right now he and our small team have gone to help the big rescue of 19 June at Guangzhou where over 1300 dogs were stopped from being eaten.

The problem everyone is facing is the villagers have objected to the dogs. Many have died and the police have refused for them to be taken away.

The temporary camp has had to move twice and as you can imagine moving hundreds of sick traumatised dogs is not easy.

We also desperately need to buy some specific medication that is not sold in the province. One box alone costs 125 RMB. (£15) and we are bringing it in from Beijing. We also need more dehydration fluids and medically trained professionals. Although the volunteers have brought supplies and donated from their own money we need finance to pay local vets to attend. They are terrified of infection and there is the risk of distemper.

Can you help? Do you have any contacts who can send us supplies or come and help? Can you donate so Mr Zhao can help contribute to the collective needs? Our plan when we can is to bring as many dogs as we can who are well enough to travel back to our shelter and give them refuge until they too can be rehomed.

NoToDogMeat has a large social media following and we are known for our work throughout Asa but financially we are only small. This is why we need your help. Please consider a regular donation however small and thank you so much to everyone who has supported us to date. We will share live feeds next week so you can see how funds are spent.

If you can open your heart to help Mr Zhao’s dogs

Please donate via our Total Giving Yulin Dog Meat Festival Appeal

Or direct to Mr Zhao’s bank:

ZHAO (family name)
XIN QI (first name)



​ACCOUNT NO 622840018610404073

DAXING 102602

Bless Your Hearts for Caring


Julia de Cadenet


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  2. This man is a star. I hope there are people that can help with funds for this enormous task. He deserves our help. If everyone donated a little amount this would add up to massive help. Please consider giving or helping.

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    Please help the dogs and cats in the meat trade by sharing this post – and donate if you can. Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for your work!! I have seen the horrendous and unconscionable footage going around social media and it’s too much to bear how they torture these poor animals!! And like you said many of them are stolen, former pets — they come through the door with tails wagging and then beaten to death with blunt force!! OMG I just can’t understand. We really need to work on implementing kindness to animals and education in these parts where this barbaric torture takes place. Just no reason, no reason for these people to act like that. It’s one thing to kill an animal, it’s another to instigate and prolong heinous suffering!! <3 :'(

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    Please help share this everywhere you can. It’s really important.

  6. I built and have worked in Mexico at Fiona Animal Refuge for the last 7 years and realize what you face with so many dogs. The public needs more information about the dog meat nightmare. I sign hundreds of petitions and donate but we need more. The rich and famous must be approached and donation sites must be easier to find. Plus YOU NEED TO REGISTER WITH THE US GOVERNMENT TO BECOME A 501(c)(3) so people can deduct the donations. EXPOSURE AND PICTURES WILL WAKE UP THE WORLD.

  7. Can someone contact me regarding giving a Samoyed a home plz

  8. How would we adopt one of these beautiful dogs?.x

  9. What absolutely wonderful people in this organisation to do what they do for these beautiful albeit pitiful animals, it’s horrific when you look at our own pets with all their luxuries. This has totally convinced me that I need to take a rescue as it’s so worthwhile.These people are genuine angels for all they do whilst so many turn a blind eye. It’s so sad that as a culture, the human race think they have made progress when in fact they are so barbaric..

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