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For the first few days our three activists struggled to find a slaughterhouse. They knew the killing was taking place behind close doors and they were desperate to rescue as many as they could before they were killed. They drove around searching until finally they saw an open door and immediately tried to gain access. The picture with the poster of dogs here shows one of the several they visited. Our pictures have been sent by the activists via Chinese chat apps as they desperately work, so you and we are under pressure of time to present the ongoing news to you so please forgive the lack of polish. Most of the places refused to sell but at one place they were successful. Choosing who to save and who to leave behind is as heart-rending and traumatic as it sounds as you can see by the messages sent by Mr Zhao.

We watched in horror as the butcher grabbed the dogs with the huge metal pole. Whistling to trick them into thinking they were safe and then brutally killed them. Tears are silently streaming down the young volunteer’s eyes. They know they can not speak. Any sudden or angry word would surely bring more death, and they too risk being attacked.

Finally, he agreed to let us take the cage of dogs. They are squashing the poor things in so they could not move or breathe. These, as you will see, are the lucky ones. We have them. And, Mr Zhao is now arranging to safely take them back to our base in Beijing to get medical care and slowly forget their trauma. This footage is recent. We know we can not save them all.

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