Korean Embassy Event Today

Currently the NoToDogMeat supporters and volunteers are at the Korean Embassy in London, peacefully rallying against the Boknal festival, as well to push for an end to the horrid dog meat trade.

Many have gathered to show their support for NoToDogMeat.

Many are doing their part to be a voice for the innocent victims in the meat trade.  We hope you will stand alongside us, as there are many more events upcoming within the next couple of weeks/months!

More photos coming in as the event continues on:

The CEO of NoToDogMeat is Julia De Cadenet

Say NO to dog and cat meat

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  2. I live in Los Angeles and have many rescued animals so am unable to travel, but I am there with smiles, prayers, and tears. Bless these protestors and this movement.

  3. well done guys i wish i could of been there but im australia god bless you all and all his creatures

  4. Thank you No To Dog Meat! Your tireless efforts to do everything possible to stop this horrendous dogmeat trade trade is greatly appreciated!

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