Can YOU Run for the Dogs? London Marathon 2021

Can YOU Run a Marathon for the Dogs?!

For the past year fundraising has been really hard. So has meeting new supporters and bringing our dogs over. With two busy shelters in China (over 500 dogs and cats) and a partner shelter in Cambodia meeting their daily needs is a constant challenge.

Protests have been restricted as well. But we cannot let people around the world forget that right now dogs and cats are still being brutalised for food and fur.

Last year the iconic London Marathon was held virtually and we had runners as a far afield as Australia and Shanghai.

This year we have a place in the main race with the 50,000 competitive runners and also 25 spots in the virtual race.

The race takes place in London on 3rd October 2021. The elite and competitive runners speed through Central London and along side them you get to compete. Ashish from Cardiff will be running for the dogs in the London race.

Click to Donate on Ashish’s Fundraising Page

You may wonder why and how you can run virtually so here is an explanation.

All you have to do to enter is forward your name and email to us in  the form at the bottom of this page and we will enter you into the virtual race. You then start training! The race will be monitored  with an app, soon to be released by Virgin in early September, which you can download to track your progress on the day so that you get to win the official medal and marathon shirt for taking part. You actually get 24 hours to complete the race so a slow jog with your dog, even walking parts of it with a friend still makes you an official competitor and winner. Last year a brave supporter completed the race without any training. We have another amazing supporter this year in USA who will take part with his ferret!

How does it help us? Well you will wear our shirt and if you have friends to support you, they can hand out our flyers and put up banners. This is what our supporter Stuart did last year.

It is also a brilliant way to fundraise. We have a created a Justgiving Team Page you can join so we can all raise funds together or you can just make your own page like Teri on TotalGiving.

Last year, we got some great press and this year the U.K. press have already given us a shout out.

We have so many amazing supporters and friends worldwide so let’s take to the streets and Run4TheDogs!

Please fill in the form below with your name and email so we can enter you in the virtual race.

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