Growing Concern about Yulin as Activists Stop A Dog Meat Truck heading South.

For the last few weeks, our team and brave volunteer Chinese activists have been trying to find out of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival will go ahead. Our Hearts sank as we learnt of a truck full of dogs heading to the region.

In 2020 , Shenzhen, of Agriculture also placed dogs and cats in the ‘ white’ safe list, recognising how cherished domestic animals were to the West and declared them as pets, not food.

Despite this and health concerns over the pandemic, the cruel Yulin Dog Meat Festival went ahead in 2020. Much smaller than before without international presence but brutally slaughtering stolen dogs and strays without regard to sanitation and animal welfare.

Recently regulations were published by Yulin city reminding traders that dogs were pets and warned them of high penalities if traders get caught transporting and slaughtering animals without health certificates. These regulations took place under China’s emergency Coronavirus health care laws.

Last month, Beijing set up an office to protect animals. Great progress but still uncertainty.

So is Yulin going ahead or not? No one seems to know. What we know is our volunteers will do all they can to stop trucks heading into Yulin and protesting this torture fest.

Our work as activists centres around investigating warehouses that house stolen and confiscated pets in the most terrible conditions and stopping trucks bound for Yulin.

Two nights ago, word got out of a truck heading south. It was finally stopped as it arrived in Wuming District, part of the Guangxi Zhuang region, a couple of hours from Yulin. Brave Chinese activists succeeded to stop it and have rescued the dog. The poor creatures are suffering from heat exhaustion, having been kept for hours without food or water.

As a tight-knit team, we work with many volunteers. Mr Zhao, who runs our large shelter in Hebei, has told us that despite border checks and the challenges of the pandemic, no animal lover will not stay quiet. They plan to make the long journey down south to Yulin to oppose this atrocity and will continue to stop trucks.

Please donate what you can to help.

From our side, we are really unhappy G7 leaders met to discuss how to avoid future pandemics but failed to talk about animal welfare. They seem happy to know that in China and many parts of Asia where we work to live, the brutal slaughter of dogs, cats and other animals continues despite the risks. Please sign our petition and follow our updates on social media. There are many actions you can take.

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