Indonesia – A Proposed Ban on Dog Meat

More exciting news regarding the end of the dog meat trade in Indonesia. Four years ago we started an education campaign with the brave activist group Animal Friends Manado taking to the streets to protest the dog meat trade. Our friends in Bali also asked US to join them in undercover investigations to expose dog meat restaurants serving dog as chicken.Last year Animals Australia joined the fight getting the Governor of Bali to ban the trade. Now we have more news.

Other groups have pushed for change throughout Indonesia and this weekend Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture, officials confirmed their intention to support a ban on the trade in dog meat and to deny veterinary certification for dog meat.
Leading veterinary public officials, including Dr. Syamsul Ma’arif, Dr. Hastho Yuliadi, Dr. Yadi Cahyadi, and Dr. Wiwiek Bagj, declared that the dog meat trade is a serious public health threat, a significant animal welfare issue, and a substantial problem for Indonesia’s growing tourism industry.

We work closely with the OIE and know they share our view that the public health threat associated with the dog meat trade is a priority.

Our grassroots campaign and alliance continues in South East Asia and China to push this message forward.

And, with our new status as special consultant to the United Nations we will continue to push from the top down.

Ending this trade is a collaborative effort on all fronts and we congratulate everyone who has joined to end this cruelty.

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