No To Dog Meat: Formal Statement & Notice

We are all well aware that there seem to be skeptics of the actions and work we do. Due to the factitious group of dubious individuals who saw fit to steal from us in 2013 and concoct a page of their own called while laying siege to our charity, with the help of others. Not once have we said anything before of this issue in our blog or on our pages. Yet we will admit that we had given our full story to blog writers who issued warnings throughout 2013 to 2015 of this concern.

Since then, we have continued on with our work. Until now, we did not feel it necessary to address these frivolous individuals. Until now, we did not feel it necessary to watermark our photo’s either. With regret, we will now be watermarking all of our photos and videos, so those who stole from us, Sophie and her colleague can no longer claim we were not there as well to prevent them from stealing our work…

Right now – with sad heart we have to announce that the 800 cats rescued by our team and the Chinese activists less than 24 hours ago we have all worked on the rescue ONLY for the police to impound them. Yes, they are still impounded and the police have taken this decision for release to the Ministry of Agriculture and will not release the little ones. We are all fighting to get documentation to prove that these are family companions. Even so, if they are also feral they too deserve a chance to have a life and live free.

Rescues do not always have a happy ending yet we will not give up on these companions. Dozens have died in the process of negotiations – Sophie came forward and stated:

“I held babies being born falling from the crates and we unloaded them. Mothers still trapped inside. We had no milk or warmth to give these babies. Hell on earth please pray.”

The cats are still in these crates, still trapped, cramped and suffering. They will not let our team or the activists near them anymore.

We are asking for action to be taken: If you have international dialling please help! Call the station and push for the cats release, Call them on + 86 512 6540 5143 if that doesn’t work from UK OR USA TRY 0086. We are also asking that you contact the consulates – contact all of the consulates – and ask them to intervene. Send them photos and tell them the police are waiting for diplomats and officials to ask for the cat’s release. Our charity has sent in an official correspondence. You can find the contact information here:

Also please, send your news story on this issue to Associated Press. Does not matter if it is our photos with a caption. The more people who write the better. It is heart-breaking that our team and Chinese Activists have all worked on the rescue for the police to impound the trucks.

Send also, to all the Chinese papers in this link

Your voices matter in this delicate situation. All we ask is that you keep everything civil.

Our formal notice:

FORMAL NOTICE (PLEASE SHARE): Our amazing team member Sophie and her colleague Mary H have spent the entire week in China on an outreach programme. This trip was personally funded by them, which meant ALL your kind donations have been spent assisting shelters and activists whom Sophie and our CEO knew and trusted. We did not set out to be rescuers on this occasion as normally our charity is placed to help rescues and grassroots organisations with more experience locally.

However, for three nights straight the girls have been involved with the raid to save the cats, the police negotiations and the follow up. They have had no sleep and given all they can to save even some of the poor creatures and we will not give up!

We were horrified, just a few days ago to see the fraudsters and cyber trolls from the copycat page SAY NOTO DOG MEAT DOT NET (a copy of all our genuine pages and domains) had stolen Sophie’s private photos and had been abusing her and our charity (*again) on its pages.

The male has been previously arrested for stalking females and their children and cyber trolling and is under caution to cease his harassment. The female is a known charity thief and our own charity is still waiting for property and donors money to be returned. (Full details of amounts owed and property stolen will be published.)

The male was invited to attend our London Office of 17 Cavendish Square London W1G 0PH on Tuesday 28th and explain his actions to our legal team and the London Police. He had boasted on many occasion he had plenty of money and would love to go to court. On this occasion he declined to make the trip from his ‘home’ in Norwich – a one bedroom council property where he claims his 5000 staff work from.

No doubt guilt or the fact his 6 different aliases and 3 different “cyber companies” kept him away. To this day we have no idea why he stole our Facebook pages, why he stole images of young children and why he set up a copycat page with the one domain name out of 25 we do not own. These are all matters the courts will review in due course.

Our concern as a campaign team and one shared by our charity trustees is that he refrains from abusing our female members and obsessively trolling us. The facts will speak for themselves.

We are quite used to trolls by now however to put a member of our team in such a position is inappropriate and indirectly causes harm to the animals. Sadly this male and female cannot be animal lovers or they would not have stolen from us and sabotaged our campaign in order to set up their copycat campaign in the first place.

It takes courage to go on a rescue and face the horror and trauma. These individuals sadly would not understand this concept nor do they understand that if you claim to own a rescue you bought for 50p you will at some stage have to prove it exists.

NoToDogMeat is the global campaign of the UK registered charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.

This statement has been issued by our campaign team of volunteers however if anyone would like to contact our CEO and Charity Trustees for clarification, please call 0207 873 2250

Thank you

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Sophie Ling

Sophie Ling

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  1. Disappointed at the response from the ‘other’ group, but I saw this today, which MIGHT just correct them on their ‘Facebook is banned in China’ argument. Hopefully more people will read this article and know that banned does NOT mean impossible:
    Well done to everyone who saved these cats


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