#NoToDogMeat at Cabbages & Frocks Dog Day Afternoon dog show and stalls event Sat 11th Oct!


Come and say hello to #NoToDogMeat at Cabbages & Frocks Dog Day Afternoon event tomorrow! From 11 till 5 in the grounds of St Marylebone Church, Marylebone High Street, London W1 (opposite the Jasper Conran shop) there will be a special dog show event for all to attend. Judging the dog show will be Chamois Rose-Wood of The Independent and Rob Alleyne of BBC3’s Dog Borstal ! 

As well as a NoToDogMeat stall  The Mayhew Trust will be there too and there will be various other pet and fashion related stalls for you to peruse – heaven!

Dog competitions will start at 2pm and will include A Bit of Ruff’, ‘Waggy Tail’, ‘New Kid on the Block’ and much more!

The nearest tube station to the event is Baker Street. See you there!

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